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It's Monday! Keep an eye out for a new chapter late tonight or tomorrow morning!
Mon Jun 23, 2014, 3:21 PM
Also: I just overhauled my gallery significantly. I dunno, I felt like organizing things. So hopefully it's easier to navigate through my mess of stories. :3
Wed Jun 18, 2014, 11:41 PM
I finally have a shoutbox again. Go me!
Wed Jun 18, 2014, 11:40 PM
Whaa > 3< I need the next chapters of your fanfics!~ haha, keep it up!~
Mon Jun 3, 2013, 7:56 PM
Thu May 30, 2013, 11:44 PM


Jan 31, 2015
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Jan 31, 2015
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Jan 31, 2015
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Jan 31, 2015
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Jan 31, 2015
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So, yeah. I told Taylor about this, but I'm just going to post it here. If no one notices, that's okay :)

I'm in a pretty damn bad spot of writer's block. So to kind of help it, and get myself some practice, I'm gonna try doing a series of one page one-shots.

So, if anyone wants to help out, here's what I'd like: send me a sentence. Just one sentence. And I'll write a one page story using it. If you want pairings or anything, just let me know. If it's something out of my normal scope of expertise, I'll do some quick research and see what I can do.

The content and everything'll be my decision, but yeah...just send me a sentence (and a ship if you have something in mind) and I'll make it into a page long fic.

Thanks y'all

Update - For the most part, I'm going in order as they're submitted. If I'm feeling particularly creative, I'll skip around to see what sounds fun. Powerpuff Girls stuff will always come easier to me, so keep that in mind. I'll probably be able to do those sooner. Also, I apologize in advance if what I come up with doesn't match what you had in mind.


:iconteacupballerina: AkuBloss - 1PSFalling back into her chair with a sigh, Blossom realized there was little she could do. Once Aku set his mind to something there were few forces in the universe capable of turning him off the idea. A soft blush colored her cheeks and her hand slid to cover the goofy smile working its way across her lips.
“Aku, are you sure?” Blossom asked, her voice just above a nervous whisper. Part of her worried someone might overhear them.
The young heroine squealed when the demon slid up between her legs, pressing his lips to her neck, his forked-tongue flicking across her hot skin. She giggled, jumping and throwing her hands down to her lap, stopping his claws before they could slide further up her skirt.
Aku chuckled, a hot, throaty gasp against her cheek, “Must you be so modest, Sweetpea?” His grin broadened when the air caught in her throat and she turned to glare at him.
“Aku...I told you not to-”
“Do you not long for Aku’s touch? Would you den

:iconyet-one-more-idiot: Ballet - 1PSBlossom liked to be alone, that was nothing new. What was new, at least for Bubbles, was where she went to be alone. It was perfectly normal for Blossom to want some privacy, but she never made it so...well private! If she was alone, Bubbles could always find her. Except, that is, when she vanished for about an hour every evening..
Well, not anymore!
Bubbles cocked her head, lips pursed and eyes narrowed, “A warehouse? But, this place hasn’t been used in years…” she mumbled, slipping inside as quietly as she could. No sooner had she stepped inside when she was greeted by the sweet sound of music.
Tiptoeing, careful not to make a peep, Bubbles slipped around the corner. When she saw her, she gasped, hands rushing to cover her mouth. Hurrying to hide the faintest shade of pink coloring her cheeks.
It was Blossom...but, somehow different. The way she moved, it was so different from how she was normally. The stiffness that came with leadership and the weight of resp

:iconbrickercupmasterx3: A-Hole - 1PSButtercup sighed and wondered: why couldn’t Brick just leave her alone? She’d just shoved the jerk-ass through a wall and already he was back at her, chomping at the bit, throwing a flurry of powerful punches that always seemed just a little too close. Close, she thought with a disappointed frown, but not even glancing.
If he really wanted to do this, he needed to try harder. She wasn’t going easy on the asshole. Especially after that last hit he landed on her sister. No, she was going to make him work for it!
Buttercup caught Brick’s fist and quickly brought her knee up, blocking a powerful blow from the Rowdyruff leader. She licked her lips, biting down on her tongue. She caught a glimpse of the sweat trickling down his face. Buttercup narrowed her eyes and threw her shoulder against Brick, shoving him backward again. He snorted and brushed his shirt off. It was slick with sweat and stuck to his chest. God, whatever routine he was up to at the gym, it was

:iconkorosukedoom149: Twilight - 1PSThe others had fallen.
That thought alone drove him on, even when he could scarcely see. The very idea that she, this child, had struck them down, sent him into a fury. His eyes hurt, his muscles screamed, his very blood burned with the wrath of the heavens itself.
Thor brought Mjolnir down with all his might, splitting the earth apart; another fissure to further devastate the once beautiful city. With a roar, so pained he spat blood from the force, he swung Mjolnir once more. An explosion rocked the street, thunder crashing and lightning tearing the structure apart, vaporizing any metal or stone that so much as dared to get near him.
“FELL BEAST!” He snarled, twirling his weapon and taking to the air. His eyes bulged and he roared again when she simply giggled, daring him to attack. The God of Thunder came down, as if like lightning itself, his hammer carrying the force to split the Earth in two. Her arm quickly changed, becoming a sword, and met his blow. The streaks of l

:iconsilentyeller: Perfect - 1PSFire and ice, and everything nice, those were the ingredients to creating the perfect little girl, Aku thought with a chuckle. His perfect little monster was currently pinned down with her favorite cousin, while his beautiful wife tickled the two of them to hysterics. He grinned when his wife glanced up at him and gave him a wink.
“Silly little heroines! You can’t beat the dreaded Tickle Monster!” Blossom declared, blowing a raspberry on their daughter’s tummy.
The little girl squealed, reaching out to her daddy, “Daddy! Save us! You’re our only hope!” she managed to stammer between adorable little giggles. Sassafras, their niece, was too overwhelmed with giggles to do much more than nod in agreement.
Aku puffed his chest out and pointed at Blossom, his booming voice booming a little louder, “Evil creature! Unhand my princess!”
“Never!” Blossom cried, squealing when Aku swept her into his arms. The two spun around before

:iconhikyu: Frozen - 1PSShe is so cold to me now... but I know the fires I set all those years ago still smolder somewhere in her depths... is it not I who lit her world on fire, who burned away her childish ignorance and mortal imperfections, who ignited her brilliance and set her free?!
Perhaps...perhaps that was where I was mistaken. Perhaps, even I, the great and immortal Aku, failed to understand just what it was I was disturbing. I failed to realize what she was, what she could become, even as I filled her ears with sweet, sinister whispers. Even as I proclaimed her greatness and promised her the world, I was blinded by my own lust for her to notice the signs. To see what truly lay within her heart, waiting to awaken.
She could have been the world’s greatest hero. Depending upon who you trust, who you choose to believe, she may still claim that title. But, heroine or villain, whatever she decides, that...that is out of my hands. My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my general crying out an

:iconfangmoon109: Goodbye - 1PSMax sat at the foot of her steps, fiddling with his thumbs, and for good reason: How does one say 'I'm going to have to leave behind three years of perfection?' The young goof groaned and held his head in his hands. This was harder than he thought it was going to be. He’d been sitting outside her house for nearly an hour now, completely petrified. How could he say goodbye?
He’d fawned over her, traveled across the country, lied and made miracles happen to impress her. Even after getting caught in his lie, even after nearly ruining both his chances with Roxanne and his relationship with his had worked out. Everything worked out, and they were happy. He was happy, she was happy.
It was perfect, why did it have to end? Just because they would be going away. Just because...well, maybe they wouldn’t see each other again. High school was over and now they were going in different directions. It was selfish, definitely selfish to even consider asking her to give up h
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I don't have much artistic talent, so outside of a few lame memes, you'll probably never see any visual artwork in my gallery. I like to write, though. Nothing serious, just Powerpuff Girls fanfics.

Currently, my pride and joy is my incredibly lengthy epic "Map of the Problematique" It's currently in the second installment of four. If you're looking for a good story, I think it's worth checking out. It's been a work in progress for six years now and is still going strong.

Other than that, I'm married and like to play video games. Right now I'm hooked on Heroes of the Storm, so if you have access to the alpha, hit me up on My Battletag is AkuBlossom #1812



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