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Burning at Both Ends - Helpless
Dear Diary,
I haven't written to you in some time, and for that, I hope you'll forgive me. Life has been hectic lately at school, at work, at being a heroine, and even at home! It's hard to put into words just how much has changed since the last time I wrote, but I will do my best. I think it was...middle school? So it's been a few years. I've been so busy lately, I'm having trouble even getting to sleep. So, rather than reading the same books I've already read, I've decided to confide in you.
We're in our junior year of high school. I'm proud to let you know that, as of this writing, I'm at the top of my class! I've managed to test out of some of our easier courses and, as much as I'd like to take them just for the experience, I've taken up as many electives and advanced courses as I can. Unfortunately, the principal wasn't willing to budge when I asked to take eight classes a day, sigh. So I have to settle with six classes a day, four online courses, and three weekend courses at the
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Dreams of an Absolution C.68
"Ja, ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab
Fliege höher
Laufe viel schneller
Vergiss die wahrheit nicht
Ja, ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab
Ich entferne welke blumen
Wieso siehst du so traurig aus"

Blumenkranz (Kill la Kill - Official Soundtrack)
Dreams of an Absolution
Chapter 60

The air had fallen deathly still at the redhead's proclamation. The great beast rose up to its full height, towering over the building the team had gathered on. Slowly, it opened its gaping mouth and let out a low roar. Its maw was wide enough to devour the building in a single snap; its roar was a low rumble, one that could be felt from head to toe even miles from the shore. The monster snapped its jaw shut and its eyes lit up like dying red giant stars.
The heroine who hovered before the beast brushed her hair back from her face, a smile teasing the corners of her mouth. Her arms had turned black as night; her hands had become clawed talons that glimmered in
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Houses of Baxtopia Village by AkuBlossom Houses of Baxtopia Village :iconakublossom:AkuBlossom 2 1 Baxtopia Village by AkuBlossom Baxtopia Village :iconakublossom:AkuBlossom 2 4 PPG Game - Battle Engine Screenshot by AkuBlossom PPG Game - Battle Engine Screenshot :iconakublossom:AkuBlossom 3 2 PPG Game - Screenshot by AkuBlossom PPG Game - Screenshot :iconakublossom:AkuBlossom 4 0 PPG Game - Prologue Dungeon Map by AkuBlossom PPG Game - Prologue Dungeon Map :iconakublossom:AkuBlossom 1 0
Not Another Heartbreak
Miyako was lost in her thoughts as she walked along down the sidewalk, staring at her phone. She pursed her lips as she flipped through different friends' statuses and updates. There was one in particular she was anxious to see. Her lips curled into a frown when she finally found the person she was looking for.
"She hasn't updated since yesterday…" Miyako murmured. The status still read, full of emoji and exclamation points: "So excited for tomorrow! What should I wear? Omg can't decide! Can't wait!" Miyako sniffed, unconsciously fixing her hair. She sighed and slipped her phone back in her purse. It wasn't like her to leave them on such a cliffhanger. She was quick to update them on the good, and the bad. Miyako tightened her hold on her purse, nose scrunching as she narrowed her eyes. She hoped, for Tokawa-san's sake there wasn't bad news.
She was so lost in her own thoughts that, when she finally noticed the crying girl on the bench ahead of her, she nearly tripped, coming to
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Suteki da ne? Chapter 12
Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z:
Suteki da ne?

Momoko wasn't sure how long she'd sat staring at the rose. When she heard a voice call her name and finally snapped out of her daydream, she attempted to shove the manga back in her bag, but only managed to throw it to the ground. It slid across the floor, gently tapping against her friend's shoe. Momoko, blush smothering her cheeks, glanced up at Kaoru, and quickly looked back down at her lap.
Laughing, Kaoru knelt down, picking up the manga, pausing to glance at the rose. She raised an eyebrow and cocked her head, trying to get a good look at Momoko's face. She grinned as her friend continued to avoid looking at her.
"This from Kuma-sensei?" She asked, plopping down beside the redhead. Momoko silently nodded, her eyes crinkling as a grin found its way to her lips. Kaoru whistled, taking a quick sniff of the rose. "Wow, you must be his favorite student, huh? Never pictured you for the teacher's pet type, Hero Maniac," she teas
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Dreams of an Absolution C.67
"Now I see fire, inside the mountain
I see fire, burning the trees
And I see fire, hollowing souls
I see fire, blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me"
I See Fire (Ed Sheeran "X")

Dreams of an Absolution
Chapter 59

The skies turned red as blood, while the clouds seemed cast from the coldest iron. The darkness was taking its time, marching on the city of Townsville, with long, determined steps. A great fire strode in before it, snarling and drooling. As its eyes found Blossom, it let out a hideous, earth-shaking roar. The sky above trembled as its flying companion, a great shadow whose wings blotted out the sun above, let out a shrill screech.
The darkness lapping at their heels was silent. Its deadly gaze was unwavering.
"Wh-what kind of monsters are those?" Bright asked, ever the impulsive one as she hurried to the edge of the roof, leaning over to get a better look. Beauty hurried after her, while Bliss hung back to cling to Bubbles' arm.
Buttercup crossed h
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Happy Ending - 1PS
Happy Ending
I always hated it when you guys fought. When I was little...yeah a big part of it was just trying to keep everyone happy. But, that wasn't the only reason. When you guys fought, I could see...things. Things I didn't believe were real then; things I have trouble believing are real now. I never told either of you about it because I didn't want to worry you. I didn't want you to tell me I was crazy. Or...or worse, I didn't want you to tell me I was right.
When you guys fight, I see...possibilities. It's why I always try to keep you happy. It's why I try so hard to be the joy and laughter in our lives. I can see so many possibilities, and the ones where I fail to stop you, those are the ones that I couldn't bare to be true.
I've seen you scarred, Buttercup. Scarred so bad, and hated by the rest of the world. I've seen how you turned away from us. How you hated her so much. I watched you kill me, and I watched you try to kill her. That can't be true. I can't let it ever come to
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Quiet Time - 1PS
Quiet Time
Bubbles sighed, resting her chin on her hands, lazily kicking her feet and staring at the television. She just couldn't get into the show no matter how hard she tried. She glanced back at the couch, at the source of her distraction.
Blossom was lying back on the couch, hair spilling over her shoulders carelessly, a slender finger touching her lips as her half-lidded, rose-colored eyes trailed back and forth aross the latest page of the book she was engrossed in. It was a warm day, and the Powerpuff leader was dressed in a simple yellow sun dress, bare feet digging into the cushions so her knees could support her book. Her dress slid up her legs, revealing her soft thighs, and just a hint of the pink panties she'd chosen.
Bubbles' face was on fire and her mouth ran dry as she tore her eyes away and back to the screen.  Biting her lip, she kicked her leg a little further back, her toes grazing gently across Blossom's leg. She felt her sister jump slightly. A little smile
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Immortals - Volume 6
Volume 6 - Buttercup Goodlady
A pretty, middle-aged woman paused in her living room, staring at the tightly boarded up windows and thick blinds covering them. She crossed her arms across her ample chest and pursed her lips, glancing back at the room. It was a wreck, like it usually was when she came home. Clothes strewn across the couch, the coffee table flipped over, long gashes in the already tattered recliner. She sighed and shook her head, her long hair whipping out like tentacles and putting the coffee table back upright. She quickly gathered her daughter's clothes, most of them covered in cuts and tears, and dropped them on the couch.
She paused by the refrigerator, snatching a sheet from the shopping list notepad. She scribbled a quick message and left it on the counter. The woman paused to make sure the kitchen window was properly shut and covered. She nodded and snatched her purse, ready to head to work. She paused at the door and bit her lip, closing her eyes. She foug
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"If you could change your fate, would you?" The first time I heard that line was in some stupid movie Bubbles made us watch. But, it was the first time I ever really thought things like...fate and destiny...and second chances. There's tons of stuff I've done that I've regretted, sure, but I never thought about going back and doing things differently. I just, kept going forward, ya know? Just keep pushing on, don't get all held up by stupid shit that's done and over. I mean, that's what I thought at first. The past is the past, who gives a shit?
That was before I realized...I really could get a second chance.
Sis used to joke, calling me a late bloomer. I'd shoot back that I had bigger tits and better curves than her. She'd always laugh, we'd always laugh, and we'd go back to messing with each other. That's how we got along. The jabs, the insults, the teasing, it was just a game. A battle that only we kept score in. But, she wasn't wrong. I figured that out when I was twenty-six years o
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Happy Birthday Teacup!
He swallowed, digging his fingers into the arms of his battered, broken throne. Somehow, he'd managed to escape certain destruction, only to find himself face-to-face with a ghost. A phantasm from his past; an immaculate create he was certain he'd never lay eyes on again. She was just as he remembered: eyes like gemstones, dazzling in the pit's dim light, hair trailing after her like a sea of fire he longed to submerge himself in, walking with that same practised poise, that same barely hidden sway. She was beautiful and terrifying, delicate and indestructible. She was, in a word, perfection.
She was his greatest treasure, and his greatest regret.
"I thought I'd find you here," she called, placing her hands on her hips and whistling as she observed the ragged state his lair had fallen into. "No more maids? No one to clean up after them?" she teased.
He trembled, seeing that wondrous smile on her lips. She hadn't smiled for him in so long. He swallowed nervously again a
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Immortals - Volume 5
Volume 5 - Bubbles Utonium
"What a day!" A young blonde girl exclaimed as she hopped off the bus, pausing and holding her hand out to the little boy trailing after her. He quickly slipped his little hand into hers, swinging it to and fro as the pair walked toward their house. She paused to push her thick-rimmed glasses back up, the afternoon sun glinting off the frames to make her baby blue eyes sparkle even more than normal, "How was school, Sammy?" she asked, giving his hand a squeeze.
The little boy shrugged, giggling when she ruffled his messy dark hair, "It was okay, we played tag today and I was it most of the time," he sighed, "Everyone's just so fast! I wanna be fast too! Fast like you, Bubbles!" he exclaimed.
His sister, Bubbles, just giggled, gently reminding him to take his shoes off before he went charging toward the living room. "Just keep running and you'll be super fast someday! Even faster than me!" she proclaimed, flexing her arms and grinning. Sammy just rolled
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So I finally managed to finish Dark Souls, so what better to do then dive headfirst into Dark Souls 2?

My first character was a medium-armor, shield user who relied mostly on swords (though I used a bow and spear for some bosses). This time around, I've created a character inspired by Theresa Goldwin from the book "Dragonera: Chronicle of the Dark One".

Theresa will be a fast, light to medium armor dual-wielder who will specialize in swords. Should be a much tougher, but much more aggressive playthrough.
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United States
Current Residence: Austin, TX

I don't have much artistic talent, so outside of a few lame memes, you'll probably never see any visual artwork in my gallery. I like to write, though. Nothing serious, just Powerpuff Girls fanfics.

Currently, my pride and joy is my incredibly lengthy epic "Map of the Problematique" It's currently in the second installment of four. If you're looking for a good story, I think it's worth checking out. It's been a work in progress for six years now and is still going strong.

Other than that, I'm married and like to play video games. Right now I'm hooked on Heroes of the Storm, so if you have access to the alpha, hit me up on My Battletag is AkuBlossom #1812



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