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"Now I see fire, inside the mountain

I see fire, burning the trees

And I see fire, hollowing souls

I see fire, blood in the breeze

And I hope that you remember me"

I See Fire (Ed Sheeran "X")

Dreams of an Absolution

Chapter 59

The skies turned red as blood, while the clouds seemed cast from the coldest iron. The darkness was taking its time, marching on the city of Townsville, with long, determined steps. A great fire strode in before it, snarling and drooling. As its eyes found Blossom, it let out a hideous, earth-shaking roar. The sky above trembled as its flying companion, a great shadow whose wings blotted out the sun above, let out a shrill screech.

The darkness lapping at their heels was silent. Its deadly gaze was unwavering.

"Wh-what kind of monsters are those?" Bright asked, ever the impulsive one as she hurried to the edge of the roof, leaning over to get a better look. Beauty hurried after her, while Bliss hung back to cling to Bubbles' arm.

Buttercup crossed her arms tight over her chest, glancing up at Blossom. With a nervous clearing of her throat, she spoke up, "No clue...we found some like them. But only at a time. Not like this."

"You fought them?" Beauty asked, flinching away when she realized she'd gotten close to Blossom.

"Not like these," Blossom whispered. The closest of the advancing Great Ones gave a mighty howl and leaped through the air, crashing down against the coast of Townsville, massive paws setting the beach ablaze beneath it. Though it was over 6 miles away, it may as well have been breathing down their necks. They could all smell the sulfur in every snort.

The Great One was a blazing wolf, its jaws so great its chin scratched the ground when it opened its mighty mouth. It had no fur, instead covered in everlasting fire, and cloaked in a coat of thick smoke. Its right eye was dead and empty, though its left eye was wide and all-seeing. With a snort, it sent people and cars, anything that wasn't nailed down, hurling through the streets.

All eyes shot to the sky as the next beast appeared above them, slowly lowering itself to perch atop Townsville's tallest building, opposite its burning companion. Now that it had swooped out of the thick clouds, the kids could see it for what it was: a great bird of thunder and lightning. Its feathers were constantly upright, erupting with bursts of electricity. It cocked its head, and gave a cry. Its voice boomed across the city, as lightning struck wherever it turned its gaze.

Blossom rose up into the air, floating until she forced the two beasts to look up at her. In the distance still, she could see the last of the Great Ones advancing. It would still be some time before the darkness fell on Townsville. It would have to be enough time to deal with these two; time to protect the girls now counting on her.

"You must be the last of the Great Ones," Blossom spoke, first addressing the wolf, then the bird. She chuckled, and shrugged, "I'll be honest, I expected something more impressive."

The wolf snarled and barked. Suddenly words filled the sky, and their minds, etched in flame.

Wretched creature. We, who have risen from calamity, march to the end of the Age.

Before Blossom could respond, the thunderbird screeched, its cry exploding across the sky.

You, who has stood in our way, have wrought the end of this Age.

The wolf began to advance, its claws smashing through the ground below. It pulled its lips back, snarling and raining drool as hot as magma.

We come to burn this world to the ground.

The bird flapped its wings, rising into the air. Its eyes grew darker and the sky filled with thunder.

To wash away the ash and debris, leaving behind only those to be tried by the Devourer of Darkness.

"What are they talking about, Red?" Buttercup asked, shooting into the sky to join her sister. Bubbles appeared on Blossom's other side.

"They're going to destroy the world, why?" the blonde girl asked.

Blossom crossed her arms, "They're afraid."

Her sisters didn't need to ask. They knew what it was the beasts feared.


Meanwhile, back on the rooftop, the Ultratuff Girls were watching the exchange in awe. They'd never seen real monsters up close, let alone ones quite this big and scary. Bliss bit her lip and tugged on Bright's dress.

"What?" her sister snapped. Bliss pointed to the monsters with her gaze.

"Should we...fight them?" she asked.

"Of course we sho…" Bright trailed off, swallowing and glancing over to Beauty for back up. To their surprise, their quiet sister was standing on the edge of the building, staring across the sea at the cloud of darkness. She turned her head up and stared at Blossom.

"They're going to destroy the world," Beauty murmured.

"Yeah, duh. But, the world is a sinful place, right? It needs to be destroyed," Bright pointed out. She turned to Bliss, who tilted her head and nodded.

"How many people are there in the world?" Beauty asked, looking down at her hands. It was a big number, she knew that much. A bigger number than she could even imagine. "They're going to kill them all," Beauty pointed out. She licked her lips and turned to her sisters. Her words failed her, but she managed to thrust her mitt skyward, pointing to the Powerpuff Girls.

"If they lose, everyone is going to die. Even us. Even the Mes...our creator. All of us die if they lose." Beauty explained.

"But, she's the devil!" Bright exclaimed.

"She's evil, Beauty," Bliss added.

Beauty nodded, hovering into the air. She was staring at Blossom. For a moment, she glanced at the wolf now prowling around them. Then she turned her gaze, briefly, to the bird circling overhead.

"And she's trying to save the world." Beauty explained, the tone to her voice leaving no room to argue. Without another word, Beauty shot into the air. With only a glance at Bright, Bliss shot after her sister.

"Wait! We don't have to help! We shouldn't help! They deserve…" Bright cried, holding her mitt out toward her sisters. The people in this world, they deserved this, right? She took a shuddering breath. How many people WERE there in the world? The Ultratuff girl turned and watched all the people running away from the fight.

"Twenty-one...twenty-two…" she let her mitt drop. She couldn't even count all the people on the street, let alone in Townsville. And just how many places were even bigger than Townsville?

"You should be able to choose," Bright murmured, repeating what both Bubbles and Blossom had told them. The Messiah would tell her to let the world burn and die.

"I want to be good," Bright said to herself. She swallowed and screwed her eyes shut. How was she supposed to know what good was with no one to tell her? How was she supposed to choose? She blinked back tears, opening her eyes and looking down at the streets. Some people fled alone, only worrying about themselves. But some stopped. They stopped to help those who couldn't help themselves. They chose to sacrifice their own safety for others.

Bright looked up at the monsters. Against them...none of these people could save themselves. With a sigh and a resolute nod, she hurried to join her sisters in the sky.


The Great Ones hadn't made their move just yet. As much as she wanted to get the fight to come over with, Blossom was glad they were hesitating. In part, it gave the Ultratuff Girls a chance to join them. When Bright found her way to their circle, Blossom couldn't help smirking. When this was all over, she was certain their conflict with the Ultratuffs was over. And, without them, there was nothing left to hold her back against Dick.

The other reason she was glad they hadn't struck was that Blossom still wasn't sure what to expect from them. They were more powerful than the previous ones, that much was certain. The others were sent to cause havoc and chaos. These Great Ones had come to wipe the Earth clean of all living creatures.

"Alright, I'm not sure how easily we'll be able to land punches on these things. Poochy is going to be hot, we'll try energy based attacks. Heat rays, sonic waves, anything you can think of. As for Mr. Flutters, we can see his body. It looks pretty solid, but getting through that electricity is going to be tough," Blossom snapped her fingers, "Phi Beta Kappa Kappa Phi," she explained.

"Flutters or Poochy?" Buttercup asked. The Powerpuff Girls were slowly separating, still moving in a way that let them keep an eye on the circling monsters.

"Flutters, Beauty, can you and your sisters keep Poochy off our tails?" Blossom asked. When she saw Beauty nod, she smirked, "Let's roll, girls," In a flash, the six separated. The thunderbird screeched and flapped its mighty wings, sending an endless stream of lightning bolts careening through the sky. The wolf barked and roared, lunging at the nearest Ultratuff with its mighty jaws.

Bliss slipped through his lips. She was breathing heavily, sweating and her mitts kept shaking. With every snap, she yelped and only just managed to avoid the strike. Then, a smile slowly spread across her lips when she caught sight of the beast's blind eye. With a smirk, she shot through another snap and fired her heat rays into the side of his snout. The wolf roared and continued snapping at her, twisting and turning to catch her on his blind side.

While Bliss kept the wolf busy, Bright launched at him, reading to throw a punch. She froze several yard away, holding her hands over her face and screaming, "He's too hot!" she pulled back, taking a deep breath. The scream caught in her throat, spotting a sign from Beauty to wait. Beauty swept in on the wolf's good side, his eye narrowing on her. As he turn to snap at her, Beauty and Bliss flew back readying their heat rays. Just before the wolf could snap, Bright let loose an Ultrasonic Scream, the loudest she'd ever mustered. The wolf screamed as well, his maw only opening wider, rather than clamping shut.

"That's it!" Beauty cheered. She and Bliss unleashed their heat rays, straight down the beast's throat.


The thunderbird moved in sudden bursts, his disappearance echoed by a massive clap of thunder. When he appeared, he screeched and rained another barrage of lightning bolts on the city below. He paused, suddenly, when Bubbles appeared right at the tip of his beak. The monster screeched and the electricity along its feathers flicked and snapped at her.

Bubbles bit her lip, forcing a smile to her face. She folded her hands behind her back and tilted her head. The thunderbird loosened its assault, cocking its head to mimic her. With a screech, it lunged at her with a devastating peck. The blow slid through empty air. The thunderbird's eyes widened. She was completely missing. It began to screech, but the sound caught in its throat when a powerful force came flying up from below, slamming into its throat. The electricity along its feathers intensified and erupted in a shocking explosion, driving the little gnat away. The next blow came from above, colliding with the creature's cranium. It hit so hard, the air snapped where the two met, and the thunderbird was sent careening toward the ground.

The three sisters appeared in the air, "Starburst Ray!" Blossom shouted, holding up a finger and firing her pink ray. Buttercup thrust both hands out; Bubbles followed not a moment later. The three beams combined, pausing for a single instant, before erupting and releasing a prism of light that drove the thunderbird deep into the streets of Townsville.

"Are you two alright?" Blossom asked, brushing off her dress.

Bubbles nodded, one hand trembling, while the other held her face. Her lips were twitching and she could barely feel her legs, "Too close," she managed to stutter out.

"Yeah, just numb," Buttercup explained, shaking her left arm wildly. She'd hit the bird much harder, but hadn't been forced to endure its electricity for nearly as long as Bubbles.

"Is it over," Bubbles asked.

"Not even close...I'm sure we've only made it angry at this point," Blossom pointed out. Her sisters laughed and Bubbles sighed.

"I can hope," she muttered.

"Look out!" A shrill scream came from nearby. Instinctively, the Powerpuff Girls split up. Just as they separated, a stream of molten energy shot across the sky where they'd once been. The building, where the thunderbird once perched, was vaporized above and around the point where the molten blast hit.

"That was-" Buttercup's comment was cut short by an explosion of thunder and the sky filling with lightning. The Powerpuff Girls scattered once more, breaking more than the sound barrier to avoid the screaming wave of lightning that the thunderbird had become.

"They're serious no-" Blossom growled as a blast came flying at her. She hated being cut off. With a vicious backhand, she knocked the thunderbird's attack aside. She paused, looking down at her hand. Her skin was badly burnt, split apart and cauterized again where it had split. Her fingers were curling against her will.

Her communicator began to ring. With a glance back at the fight, Blossom answered, "I hope you've got good news, Dexter. We're a little busy at the moment," she muttered, still trying to close her hand all the way.

"I'm ending the search and preparing the Dex-Robo. I'll be there in-" Dexter began.

Blossom cut him off, "No, stay searching,"

"What? Blossom, this situation is more dire than you realize! You need my help!" he insisted.

"What do you mean?" she shot at him, finally turning her gaze away from the battle.

"It's not just's, it's the entire world!" Dexter began to explain. His image was replaced with videos of different cities, villages, and towns across the world. There were floods, lightning storms, earthquakes, and even long dormant volcanoes erupting. "Ever since that dark shadow appeared, everything beyond it has been suffering impossible natural disasters. We have the entirety of AWSM on maximum alert, trying to minimize the damage.'s not going to be enough. Until you stop these monsters, it's only getting worse!"

Blossom pursed her lips, "What about Tempest? Surely she can-"

"These storms won't listen to her," Dexter grimly informed her.

"...I'll try to get this under control. You do not need to be here. I need you searching for the angel. He's not going to stop just because the world is ending,"


"Dexter…" Blossom held up her hand, giving him a good look, "You'll just get hurt. Not to mention the collateral damage a giant robot causes. I need you there, not here. Do you understand?"

"...Understood. Good luck, Blossom," the message ended. Blossom took a deep breath and slowly let it out. She lifted her gaze and narrowed her eyes.


The wolf launched itself into the air, moving faster than something its size should be able to. Buttercup shot underneath, to try to attack his belly. She came to an abrupt halt, turning away and screaming. A shot of blue flew through the air, pulling her out of harms way.

Bliss giggled, holding Buttercup in her arms with a grin.

"Bright tried that. He's too hot!" she laughed as Buttercup struggled out of her arms.

"Yeah, I figured that out. C'mon, let's fill him full of heat rays!" The two shot toward the wolf, peppering him with heat ray after heat ray. Along the ground, Bright was racing between the lightning raining down and the wolf's careless footsteps, pulling anyone and everyone out of harm's way that she could manage. She waved to Beauty as she and Bubbles shot by, making their way up along the wolf's blind side.

It's left eye widened and the beast turned to face them, molten energy already building in his throat. The two tried to turn, tried to split, but in their panic they hit each other. The molten energy exploded from his mouth, only to be met with an equally oppressive cold. Hands up, icy winds erupting from her fingertips, Blossom snarled and kept herself in front of the beast.

"Go! Go!" she shouted. The sister and mother split up; while Bubbles was able to regroup with Buttercup and Bliss and continue the plan to blast him with heat rays, Beauty wasn't so lucky. She was quickly intercepted by the thunderbird and forced off course.

"This isn't good," she yelped, quickly turned and darting higher into the air. The thunderbird quickly overtook her, forcing her to stop entirely. She grinned and waved at the thunderbird as she began to plummet back to the ground. The thunderbird screamed and hurled a barrage of lightning strikes at her. Beauty narrowed her eyes.

"Alright, eat some of THIS THUNDER!" she shrieked, clapping her hands with all her might. Time felt like it slowed down, as the air just in front of her distorted and bent around the force of her clap, at the very instant one of the thunderbird's lightning bolts would have hit her. The bolt was forced to bend around the air, careening off harmlessly.

Beauty breathed a sigh of relief, allowing herself to continue to fall to the ground.


"Beauty!" Bliss shrieked, pulling away from the party still helplessly striking at the wolf.

"Wait, don't go off alone!" Buttercup tried to call. The little girl was out of sight by the time the words left her lips. "They get that from you!" Buttercup teased.

"Duh, they get everything from me!" Bubbles exclaimed. The two backed away, while Blossom finally let the magma blast through. It slammed into the ground, digging a deep trench and turning it into a lake of fire.

"Did you see where she went?" Buttercup asked, looking for Blossom.

"No, but here he comes!" Bubbles cried. The two only just managed to avoid the wolf's snapping jaws. With a howl, his body lit up hotter still, causing glass to shatter and metal to begin to melt around him.

"Should we keep blasting him?" Bubbles asked.

"Doesn't seem to be working…" Buttercup pointed out.


"I say we punch him,"

Bubbles grinned, "That's what I thought you'd say," In two flashes, the pair launched themselves at the monster.


A horrifying scream filled the air. The thunderbird's body turned into raw electricity and shot toward the ground, thunder trailing after him. Beauty sighed, crossing her arms and closing her eyes. One of two things was going to happen. Someone would notice her plan; or she was going to get hit pretty hard by that bird.

"Beauty!" She smirked, hearing Bliss's cry. Beauty spun in the air and shot toward the ground as fast as she could go. The thunderbird was quickly catching up on her. "Take THIS!" Bliss screamed, slamming a bus into the thunderbird with all the strength she could muster.

It was enough to knock it off course, missing Beauty and smashing into the ground. Beauty let herself go limp, giving Bliss a chance to catch her and take her back into the air. As soon as they'd made some distance, Beauty hopped out of Bliss's arms.

"That was so risky! Why would you do that?" Bliss prodded, nudging her over and over again.

Beauty giggled and batted her hands away, "I knew you'd catch me!" The brief celebration was cut short as the red sky suddenly grew dark. A clap of thunder erupted below them.

"What? He's up alre-" Beauty stared, mouth agape, as the thunderbird appeared above them. It opened its mouth to scream, but already the lightning was falling toward them. "No, we can't d-Bliss stop it!" Beauty grunted, suddenly pulling close to Bliss. She saw her sister smile an instant before her expression twisted into a scream of horrifying pain. Bolt after bolt drove into her sister's back, sending them crashing into the ground.


"No! Beauty! Bliss! You...I'll kill you!" Bright snarled, shooting off toward the thunderbird.

"Bright!" A voice called out. She turned. The wolf's jaws were all around her. Without thinking, she threw her hands up, catching his searing hot fangs with her bare hands. She screamed, trying to muster the strength for an Ultrasonic Scream, but it was all she could do to keep his teeth from crushing her. Bright's eyes widened. His throat was lighting up and the air was growing hotter.

"Help! Someone!" She screamed. She faintly heard the sound of thunder behind her. What she felt, for sure, was the monster's jaw widening as he was flung away from her. Bright slipped into the air, looking around in confusion. The thunderbird had been thrown through the air, into the wolf.

Blossom regrouped with the other girls, wincing and cradling her newly injured hand. Just like the other, it was burnt and twitching uselessly. It had taken most of her willpower to not scream when she grabbed the thunderbird and hurled it away from Bliss and Beauty.

Bliss was out of the fight, for sure. She was trying to smile, but all that came out were more tears. Similarly, Bright's hands looked worse than Blossom's. With just a cursory glance, Blossom was sure the pressure from the monster's jaws had broken at least part of her arms. Beauty wouldn't be able to focus on the fight without her sisters.

Speaking of sisters, Blossom was relieved to see hers in working order. They were burnt, and clearly tired, but the two had fought enough monsters to know when to rush and when to play defense.

"Bl-Blossom are you…" Bubbles' hands shot to her mouth, her eyes wide as she looked at her sister's hands. Blossom glanced at them and tried to form fists. Her fingers refused to obey her commands. With a sigh, she shook her head.

"It's nothing, I'll be fine," without a word, she threw her communicator at Buttercup and began to hover into the air once more, "Call the boys back. Let them know my previous order stands. I'm extending it to you two as well. Use any and all power necessary." Buttercup nodded and began to call in reinforcements. Blossom looked down at her hands and sneered.

The darkness was on their doorstep. She hoped the boys would get back in time to shut down the thunderbird and wolf before whatever was in the darkness came out to play.

"We have maybe five minutes to beat these two, before that one joins," Blossom explained, as Buttercup flew up behind her.

"They're coming, should be any second now. What's the plan?" Buttercup asked. She was already glowing, giving off so much energy that her hair was starting to lift into the air.

"Be careful with that much, you know you can't handle it for very long,"

"I'll be fine. You said we have five minutes? I can last five minutes," Buttercup assured her. Her eyes were starting to glow. She was still powering up, Blossom realized.

"The second the Rowdyruff Boys get here, you and I will use Operation Shadow Walk to try to take down the bird. The boys, for all their faults, have ridiculous pain tolerance. We'll have them try to take out the wolf." Buttercup nodded and glanced over her shoulder. The two could hear the boys fast approaching.

Taking a deep breath, Blossom spun and launched herself at the bird, Buttercup close on her heels. The two swung to the side, alongside the Rowdyruff Boys.

"Go after that wolf. It's too hot to engage close, so try to keep your distance. And Boomer?"

The blond Ruff, who had been so quiet, perked up.

"Do what you have to do," Blossom explained, her eyes narrowed. Boomer narrowed his to match and nodded. With a flash of light, the two teams separated to try their last plans before the darkness arrived.


Blossom and Buttercup advanced on the bird, appearing and disappearing constantly. With each use of their atom acceleration power, they left behind a capable copy of themselves. The thunderbird screeched, blasting clone after clone out of the sky. It's cries only grew more frantic as the heat rays surrounding it continued to pelt its precious feathers. The thunderbird took in a deep breath and pulled its wings in. With a scream, it thrust its wings out, a massive lightning nova erupting from it and vaporizing all the clones.

Blossom cursed, lunging in front of Buttercup. The electric nova tore into her arms, spraying her blood through the sky. With a scream, she swung her fist, clubbing him in the side of his head and knocking him toward the ground.

Still hissing, she called out, "Shadow Walk - Gamma 3 Alpha!" she and Buttercup vanished and launched at the bird once more. They traded places, moving faster and faster, quickly filling the sky with their clones. With a chorus of screams, the two finally came to a halt, unleashing a hundred Starburst Rays. The thunderbird sat up, screaming and releasing an onslaught of its own lightning strikes. Its body melted into electricity and shot toward the sisters.

The monster turned back around, confused when it passed uselessly through every one of the Powerpuff girls attacking it. Its eyes widened, its head turning as fast as it could.

A swirling drill of green and pink came lashing through the air and collided with the thunderbird's chest. The monster screamed and its body began to quake. It's eyes lit up and the bird erupted into a shower of sparks.


"Ballistic Barrage!" Brick cried out as the three boys came down on the wolf with all their fury. The moment he got close, Brick could feel his hair starting to singe. But he wasn't about to back off first, especially if his loser-ass brothers weren't. So he grit his teeth and took the first swing. Somehow, the surface of the monster's body was even hotter than the flames spilling from it. No big deal, though, Brick was strong. Brick was a warrior! With a scream, he unleashed a flurry of punches on the beast.

The three shot back, all three screaming, cradling their burnt fists, and stamping out the flames on their clothes.

"That was stupid!" Butch spat.

"Let's see you do better!" Brick shot back.

"Fine! Rumble Brawl!" Butch shouted. The three split apart, quickly gathering the tools they needed for their game. Butch snatched a water tower and Brick grabbed a parked car. Boomer stood, staring at the street, trying to find anything that could work as a puck.

"Boomer!" He winced and grabbed the nearest thing he could find: a telephone booth. He hurled it at his brothers. Butch slammed it out of the air, at the monster. The wolf howled and roared, blowing a torrent of magma energy at them.

"More! Bigger!" Butch shouted at Boomer.

"Right...right!" Boomer shot through the street, throwing everything he could find at them. Cars, benches, lampposts, buses, even the lion statues in front of the library. The last two he immediately regretted. Blossom loved those statues.

"This isn't working," he muttered, watching his brothers get frustrated and throw their weapons at the wolf. Boomer brushed off his pants and stood up straight, glaring at the monster. Blossom had given him permission to do whatever was necessary.

His fists clenched and, suddenly, a black liquid erupted from Boomer's neck. It quickly covered his body, being sure to hide under his clothes. His eyes widened and electricity raced up from his feet, to the tips of his hair, causing it to stand up straight. His shirt tore as two spikes rose up from his shoulder blades.

"Man," Boomer groaned, cracking his neck and stretching his shoulder, "This feels good," he snickered. The laughter vanished instantly when the monster took a step. He slid his foot back and raised one hand in front of him, pointing at the monster. He brought his other fist back and narrowed his now glowing eyes.

Still crackling with power, Devil Boomer took a slow, deep breath and whispered:

"Climhazzard," His body shot forward a full step as he brought his fist and foot forward with incredible force and speed. The air in front of him split wide open, creating a pocket of silence between him and the monster. The monster began to roar, only for it to be replaced with a cry of pain. Liquid magma shot through the split now down the middle of the beast's head.

"Got him," Devil Boomer stood up straight and snapped his mitt. The air he'd split suddenly exploded outward. The ground between him and the monster erupted, as if someone shoved a knife in the middle and tore it straight down. When the explosion caught the monster, it blew it off its feet and sent it crashing to the ground.

"What the…" Brick turned to Boomer, but his brother looked normal as ever as he rejoined the two. His brother, the idiot, had done something. Brick wasn't an idiot. And he knew that Boomer had been spending way too much time with Blossom. But, what exactly had she taught him? He shuddered. He couldn't bear the thought of his brother being so much more powerful than them. It had to have been the boss lady who split the wolf's head open.

"Let's meet up with the girls," Brick called, and the three shot toward where they saw the Bubbles' family hiding out from the destruction. "Sup Bubbles...woah what happened to them?" Brick wondered out loud, plopping down on the side of the building, his back facing the sea.

"They got hurt. They've never fought monsters before," Bubbles explained, glancing up when a rush of cool air washed over them. Buttercup grinned and gave them a fingerless thumbs up.

"We did it!" she exclaimed. Her grin vanished as her eyes went cross and she collapsed to the ground. Brick caught her, cursing when she hit his burnt mitts. He grinned through the pain, helping Buttercup steady herself. "S-sorry...too much power. But, it's o-"

"It's not over," Blossom interrupted, standing next to Brick and gesturing to the darkness spilling over the bay, advancing on them.

A clever girl...a dangerous girl. You have brought me here.

"Who are you?" Blossom asked

A massive, shadowed head appeared in the darkness. Blossom could just make out her red eyes. This monster was easily twice the size of the other two. It growled, causing the earth to tremble. The beast fixed its gaze on Blossom alone.

The Devourer of Darkness. I am called Ammit. I am last of the Saint Beasts, tasked to erase this world should it ever fall so far to give birth to calamity.

"Then it really was me who awakened transformation. My birth, that was your clue? The calamity?" Blossom asked.


"What do you mean? My power was more destructive than any bomb in human history!" Blossom insisted. The creature, Ammit, moved closer, clacking her massive jaw. It was still impossible to make her out clearly in the shadows.

The destructive force was merely a symptom of the true reason for our march. The calamity is not an event, but a person. You, whose heart exudes unstoppable darkness. You are the calamity of this world. You are who I've come to devour.

There was a moment of silence. Blossom crossed her arms and stared at the ground. Ammit was drawing closer, her mouth opening wider and wider. Suddenly, Blossom snickered. Her little laugh became a giggle fit, and eventually she began to laugh in earnest.

"Blossom?" Buttercup asked.

Blossom shook her head, "The Devourer of Darkness?" The Powerpuff leader slowly opened her now burning eyes. Blossom hovered into the air, just enough to be above the building. Bubbles screamed when Blossom's left arm suddenly turned black. The burns and scars faded instantly. She reached to her hair, both hands now black as night, and slowly untied her hairbow. With a sigh, she shook her hair out and let her bow drop to the roof below.

"A calamity? Is that how the gods see me?" Blossom whispered, looking down at her clawed hands. She clenched them, two long horns rising up from her head, replacing her bow. "They're wrong...I'm something so much worse."
The Saints Come Marching
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