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"Ja, ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab

Fliege höher

Laufe viel schneller

Vergiss die wahrheit nicht

Ja, ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab

Ich entferne welke blumen

Wieso siehst du so traurig aus"

Blumenkranz (Kill la Kill - Official Soundtrack)

Dreams of an Absolution

Chapter 60

The air had fallen deathly still at the redhead's proclamation. The great beast rose up to its full height, towering over the building the team had gathered on. Slowly, it opened its gaping mouth and let out a low roar. Its maw was wide enough to devour the building in a single snap; its roar was a low rumble, one that could be felt from head to toe even miles from the shore. The monster snapped its jaw shut and its eyes lit up like dying red giant stars.

The heroine who hovered before the beast brushed her hair back from her face, a smile teasing the corners of her mouth. Her arms had turned black as night; her hands had become clawed talons that glimmered in the sweltering sunlight crashing down down on the trembling city. The last of her horns rose up, completing the unholy crown on her head, like six curved monuments rising up from a lake of fire. She licked her fangs and let her hands fall lazily to her sides. There was an eerie calmness to her motions; every little action was meticulously planned, yet utterly careless.

There wasn't an ounce of fear in her icy gaze.

"I wanted to avoid showing this form in public," she began to explain. As she spoke, bulges appeared in the fabric of her dress, tugging and pushing until two tendrils tore free from the cotton prison. Stretching her tentacles, she gave a sigh of satisfaction, "But, for you, I'll make an exception." Blossom finished, arching her back as two more tentacles tore free. Four, she decided, would be more than enough to handle the Great Old One.

Truly, you are cut from the devil's own cloth. You, who wish to drown this world in darkness, will sate my eternal hunger.

Ammet's threat erupted across the sky like thunder. The great monster took a step forward and swung her powerful mouth at Blossom. A great crack rang out through the air, as Blossom raised her arm and caught Ammet's lower jaw, bringing it to a sudden stop inches from her face. The monster gave a low rumbling roar, its steaming breath washing over the heroine, as saliva trickled from its teeth.

The monster snarled and pulled back. Blossom let her hand drop to her side once more. The monster took a step backward, lowering its head, causing the piercing light in its eyes to grow brighter. The darkness that had fallen over Townsville began to shriek and swirl, like a hurricane that covered the entire city. It stretched higher and higher into the sky until nothing could be seen beyond it. The city of Townsville was completely cut off from the rest of the world, as if it were tumbling down a long, twisted hole.

As the darkness grew thicker, it began to block out the sun. Still, the red sunlight pierced the black, casting an eerie glow across the skyline. Ammet's body became wisp-like, melting into the shadows. Somehow, her form was growing larger.

"So you're baring your fangs?" Blossom commented. She finally allowed herself a smirk and narrowed her own eyes, "Fine, if that's how we're playing...I'll bite!" she spat.


"This's not like the disasters happening elsewhere," Dexter muttered, keeping one eye on the drones scouting the city for the assassin. The greater part of his attention was focused on the static-laced video feed he was receiving from the Powerpuff Girls' fight with the monsters. He was impressed with how easily they took down the first two, but he had to admit, this final creature worried him. In spite of Blossom's bluster and confidence, he wasn't sure that even she could confront such a creature.

His video stream only grew more blurry as the dark twister began to devour the city. The boy genius wiped his brow and sat back, rubbing his chin. He turned to another monitor, adjusting his sound to hear the reports coming in from the Department of Meta-Human Affairs disaster update. The heat was still rising across the world at a rate vastly exceeding the pattern of global warming. In addition, there were rainstorms so severe they caused flooding in normally arid parts of the world. Combined with tornados, earthquakes, andhail showers, things were growing bleaker with every report.

"Even if she somehow stops this creature," Dexter mumbled, running a by-the-hour analysis on the overall damage caused by the strange weather patterns, "The rest of the world is going to be sorry shape. By my calculations the loss of life is rapidly approaching quintuple digits. Not to mention the devastation caused to crops, livestock, and infrastructure," Dexter sighed and tapped his fingers on his console, "We're looking at a messy cleanup worldwide. Heroes in all classes will be distracted trying to clean up this mess."

"Given that, and the level of destruction, we're sure to see an increase in crime as well. And then there is this...Messiah to consider. He has been eerily quiet through all of this. Would he dare?" Dexter trailed off. He adjusted his glasses and began to prepare a post-disaster security schedule, just in case.

He glanced at the static-ridden, foggy video from Townsville. With a sigh, he shut down the feed. Much as he hated to admit it, he had more important things to worry about than some stupid girl. For now...he'd just have to trust the fate of the world to her.


The two had begun to fight for real, after so much standing around and staring. The monster revealed it had the power to become a shadow, and could lash out at Blossom from any angle, in any form it chose. The sky was filled with slashing claws and snapping mouths, each more ferocious than the last. Through the storm of darkness, Bubbles could just make out the shape of her sister. Blossom was staying ahead of Ammet. But, while she was certain Blossom was fast enough to avoid it, she seemed to take great pride in batting aside the monster's attacks.

Bubbles flinched, tightening her hold on Beauty. The Ultratuff Girls were in rough shape. Even Beauty, who'd managed to avoid the most damage, was barely hanging on. They were exhausted, hurt, and worst of all, they were scared. The blonde couldn't blame them. They were made from her, and she'd never been more afraid in her life.

"Good grief, the boss lady is ridiculous," Brick exclaimed.

Buttercup laughed, "You're just now realizing that? She's incredible. No way this overgrown alligator can beat her," she exclaimed, the adoration dripping from every word.

"Haha, yeah...but, crap man. What's with those horns? Is that...I thought that was that Aku guy's power? You mean she can do it too?" Brick wondered out loud.

"That's her real form," Bubbles explained in a low voice. Her eyes were averted, her attention was focused on the three little girls looking to her for support.

"Damn…" Butch muttered. He had plopped down beside Bubbles and was doing what he could to try to help. Unfortunately, he had no clue what he could do, other than watch and keep his mouth shut.

The air around them snapped; the fighters appeared above them, colliding so hard they sent a shockwave crashing into the rooftop below. Ammet's mouth was gaping, struggling to clamp shut; Blossom held her jaws apart with trembling arms. Despite the apparent struggle, her eyes were wide with excitement, and her lips were pulled back into a wild grin. With a twist, she hurled Ammet away from the building. The monster vanished into the shadows and Blossom vanished from the sky, just as the beast's jaws snapped down on where she had been before.

"It's okay, you're safe," Bubbles whispered, assuring Beauty, who screamed when the monster turned to them. Bubbles turned her eyes up to the monster. For a moment, she and Ammet met one another's gaze. Then, in a silent puff of shadow, Ammet vanished and the thunderclaps resumed in the air around them.

"Dude that was insane! Did you see how she just threw it? That's hardcore!" Buttercup shouted, shaking Brick's shoulder. The Rowdyruff nodded, a shiver running down his spine. He yelped when Buttercup dragged him to the side of the building to continue watching the fight.

Bubbles sighed, kissing the top of Beauty's head and glancing around the roof. Butch was sitting silently beside her, his face twitching every so often. Whenever the sound of the fighters clashing shook the city, his head would snap in the direction of the fight. Bliss had, thankfully, finally passed out. It hurt terribly to see her in so much pain, and Bubbles was sure that her cries ceasing would do wonders for Beauty and Bright's moods. Bright was unnaturally quiet, curled up with her hands between her legs, staring at Bliss while she slept.

Across from her, Bubbles noticed Boomer. He hadn't spoken since Blossom left; he sat on the edge of the building, facing her, holding Blossom's bow in his hands. Unlike the others, he seemed to be completely ignoring the fight. He must have noticed Bubbles staring because he suddenly lifted his eyes and cocked his head at her.

"If you're worried, don't be. She's going to win," he assured her in a matter-of-fact tone.

Bubbles narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. The tiny smile on Boomer's face and the confidence in his voice sent a shiver down her spine. But, it was the reverent way he held her bow, his mitts gently caressing it as if he was blessed to even be touching it, that truly unnerved her. She licked her lips and swallowed. Her throat had become dry.

"I'm not worried about her winning," she hurriedly replied. She hadn't meant to say it with such a harsh tone, but the words had just escaped before she could stop them. She swallowed again, tearing her eyes away from his, "The shadow monster isn't what I'm afraid of," she admitted.

"What are you afraid of?" Boomer's words rushed through her veins like ice water. She kept her mouth shut and shook her head.


The monster was becoming desperate, Blossom could feel it. Every slash was quicker, but sloppier than the last. Every snap of one of its countless heads was harder than the last. She could practically hear it snarling as she continued to evade its attacks. It was like music to her ears. The Powerpuff leader dodged another swing of its claws and threw herself at the ground. As she fell, she slipped around several more attacks. The moment she would have touched the ground, she shot backward. The ground exploded where she should have landed and a trail of fire erupted from the street after her as she flew backward, toes brushing against the pavement.

Ammet hadn't given up her pursuit and was storming through the streets, knocking aside cars, tearing anything that was nailed down from the ground in her rampage. Blossom came to a sudden stop. Ammet appeared in front of her, roaring, splattering drool across the street. With a vicious scream, she chomped down, tearing up the street, just missing Blossom as she took a leap backward.

Blossom smirked and narrowed her eyes, gently lifting her hand. Her claws merged and a dark blade erupted from her forearm. Fangs gleaming as she grinned, she brought the dark blade down, tearing a long gash through Ammet's head. The Great One cried out and vanished into the shadows once more. Thunder exploded in the air and bolts of shadowy power rained down on the city. The heroine sighed and shook her head as she batted aside any that came close to her with her tentacles.

With a soft chuckle, she shot into the air, leaving a crater behind where she'd been standing.


"What are you doing, Honey?" the Professor murmured, lacing his fingers and resting his chin on his hands. He was holed up in his lab, watching the fight through one of Dexter's drones. He had expected that Blossom would be able to defeat the monster, but something about her behavior had him on edge. It was hard to keep up with the fight, but something he found very peculiar was that, despite Blossom's speed, the fight was something that a normal human could keep up with. He wondered if it wasn't Blossom's doing.

He wondered if she knew that people were watching.

"Why though? You clearly have the power to end this, so why drag it out?" he wondered out loud. On the screen, the monster and his little girl met in the air suddenly. With exaggerated movements, Blossom blocked each of the monster's slashes. When it morphed into a three-headed beast and lunged at her, she held two of the heads back with her tentacles, while she leaned back just enough to catch Ammet's nose with her foot. She held them back, saying something he couldn't quite make out. The monster roared and pulled back, returning to its tornado of attacks strategy.

"Blossom…" the Professor sighed, spotting the smile on Blossom's lips as she vanished to keep up with the monster's assault. He leaned back, stroking his chin and tapping his fingers on the arm of his chair. With a small grunt, he slid his chair to the other side of his desk. Tugging open the bottom drawer, he found his old pipe and snatched his tobacco. One match later, he was puffing on his pipe and leaning uncomfortably back in his chair.

"James?" a voice called from the door.

"I'm down here, Cassie. Come on down," he called. He heard the door shut and tiny footsteps hurrying down the stairs. His shoulders sagged and he gave a loud sigh, releasing the breath he had been holding, when her arms slipped around his shoulders. He smiled as she pulled him into a hug and put aside his pipe long enough to give her a quick, but grateful, kiss.

"You're watching down here, huh? How is it going," she asked. There was more curiosity than concern in her voice. He couldn't help but admit he felt the same way. Though…

He shuddered, "They've stopped two of them and Blossom is fighting the last one," he explained.

"Something's bothering you?" she asked, her tone offering no argument or chance to deny it.

"It's...Blossom," he explained carefully. "She's not in any danger of losing, I'm sure of it. But...she hasn't won yet," he pointed out. He slid his chair closer, gesturing to the scene now playing out on the screen.

Ammet made a snap at Blossom, only to miss by inches. Immediately, the heroine shifted her arm into a hammer, bringing it down hard on the monster's head. Ammet tried to melt back into the shadows, only to become tangled up in Blossom's tendrils as each of them grew a razor sharp tip, burying themselves in the monster's head. Blossom said something and then spun around, hurtling the monster toward the ground. With a visible laugh, she disappeared from the camera once again.

"You're wondering why she's toying with it?" Cassandra asked. The Professor nodded, puffing on his pipe and adjusting his video feed, moving it to another drone.

Cassandra placed her hands on her hips and pursed her lips, watching the fight carefully. Slowly, realization drifted over her features and she clapped her hands.

"I think I understand," she began. The Professor perked up, turning his full attention to her," How many people do you think are watching this fight?" Cassandra asked.

The Professor shrugged, "Us, Dexter, likely General Adkinson and most of Meta-Human Affairs to estimate the threat level to the rest of the world. Why?" he asked, though even as the words escaped his lips, he began to understand as well. Seeing that he understood, Cassandra nodded.

"Blossom has to know that too," she said with a sigh, "She's always been a bit vain, and she's always loved being the center of attention. I think she's using this as an excuse to kind of show off," she finished explaining.

"It's more than that…" the Professor corrected, sighing and puffing on his pipe, "It's not just to show us what she's capable's...a warning." The two fell silent, but Cassandra offered no objections. "A warning to the General, to Meta-Human Affairs, to AWSM, to all of us,"

"Don't sound so grim, James," Cassandra whispered. Her voice was dry and her jaw trembling; she slid her arms around him again, tighter this time, "she's not a bad girl."

He wanted to believe her. He firmly held her hand, but didn't dare turn his eyes away from the screen. She was his daughter; he would always love her. He stood beside her even when she was hurt and tried to destroy the city. He defended her when she was angry and had her outburst at their wedding. He swore he'd always love and support her.

"I know, Cassie," he murmured. Blossom was a good girl, but she could be vain, and she could be stubborn. Blossom would always do what she thought was right, but...if she was wrong? The Professor winced when she saw Blossom rise up into the air, surrounded in pink light that caused the image to flicker. If she was wrong…


Blossom landed on the nearest building, resting her hands on her hips. Her tentacles snapped at the air, batting aside several of Ammet's shadow strikes. A bolt of shadowy power came crashing into the building, vaporizing it. The Powerpuff leader appeared in the sky, slowly crossing her arms across her chest. As she cocked her head, Ammet appeared, clamping down at empty air.

"You can't beat me," Blossom taunted, appearing again atop another building. Ammet's massive head appeared, maw gaping, and chomped down on the building. Several shadowy heads appeared from the darkness and snapped at Blossom the moment she appeared again. Finally, one managed to meet its mark, biting down on her arm. She lifted her other arm, ready to beat it away, but another head clamped down, pulling her arms out.

Seizing the opportunity, two more clamped down on her tentacles, pulling them taut, while another pair snatched her legs. For the first time since the fight began, Blossom was unable to simply pull away. She gave each of her limbs a tug, grunting when she realized they wouldn't budge. From the darkness, Ammet's true form emerged, so massive that Blossom was just a twinkle in its eye. The skin had faded from the massive crocodile head, leaving behind a skull with bleary red eyes.

You have eluded justice for too long. Now, you, the darkest of all creatures, shall sate my appetite!

With a roar, Ammet opened her mouth, stretching it until it touched the sky and earth. With a mighty scream, she brought her jaws down and devoured Blossom.


Buttercup's mouth fell open, all excitement leaving her in an instant.

" way," she mouthed, her voice catching in her throat. She took a step back, nearly tripping and falling. Miles away, Ammet rose up to her full height and gave an earth shattering roar. The buildings damaged in the fight began to crumble. The darkness surrounding the city grew blacker and towered higher and higher. The sun was little more than a distant pinprick of red light, barely enough to pierce the darkness.

"NO! YOU CAN'T BEAT HER!" Buttercup screamed, throwing her hands out in a fury. She shoved Brick away when he tried to comfort her and yelled at the monster again, "YOU CAN'T BEAT HER!"

The monster slowly turned its head, until its gaze fell on them. With a snort, it began to plod toward them, every step shaking the ground.

"This can't be happening, this can't be happening! I can't...I can't lose her!" Buttercup cried, trying to gather up her power to fight the monster. She began to glow, and the tips of her hair began to flutter, but the power faded as quickly as it came. With an exhausted groan, she dropped to her hands and knees, panting. She used far too much power earlier; there was no way she could fight now.

"Why didn't she just kill the stupid thing!?" Brick spat.

"She was just playing with it! Now look what's happened!" Butch shouted, starting to climb to his feet. He glanced down at Bubbles, noticing how she hadn't taken her eyes away from the monster. He slid back down beside her, "Hey, we need to move. If we don't get out of here, that thing's gonna smash us,"

"She didn't even care," Bubbles mumbled. She meant to go on, but trailed off when Butch spoke to her. Nodding, she turned to wake up the Ultratuff Girls. Blossom didn't care at all what happened to the city, or what would happen to them if she lost. So many buildings destroyed, how many people were hurt? And that the monster had won…

"What are you guys talking about?" a voice spoke up, snapping the remaining heroes from their hysteria. It was Boomer, who was still sitting at the edge of the building, gazing longingly at Blossom's bow.

"She got herself eaten by that-" Brick started. He stopped suddenly, when he saw the look in Boomer's eyes. It wasn't the vacant, semi-coherent look of an idiot he expected. It was...focused and sure.

"Nothing can beat Blossom," he explained simply.

Buttercup blinked, feeling something wet and cold on her face. She looked up at the sky and began to tremble. Licking her lips, she turned to face the monster.


"Major Dexter, do you have any updates on the crisis in Townsville?" General Adkinson hurriedly asked to the image on the screen. The General was run ragged, struggling to keep up with the number of catastrophes happening across the planet. As luck would have it, the problem seemed to be centered in Townsville. Around that blasted girl. "Major Dexter?"

The image flickered again and the boy genius's face appeared. He fixed his glasses and adjusted the scarf he'd wrapped around his neck. Odd, the General thought, watching Dexter's visible puffs of air with every breath he took. The Coordinating Officer swallowed and turned to finally face the General.

"I'm sorry, sir. Things have taken a turn for the worse, I fear," Dexter apologized.

"Dammit, Dexter, what do you mean? Did...did that thing actually manage to beat those kids?" the General asked, rubbing his hands together and blowing on them.

"No, sir. The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys have not failed. This is in regards to...Snow Queen," Dexter explained with an uneasy stutter.

The General swallowed nervously and crossed his legs, kicking his desk. Closing his eyes and gathering his composure, he cleared his throat.

"Proceed," he ordered, rubbing his hands together once more.

"Blossom and the monster, Ammet, have been fighting for some time now. However, moments ago, Ammet gained the upper hand and managed to eat Blossom," he reported. The General looked up abruptly, pursing his lips.

"Snow Queen is neutralized then?" he asked, scarcely able to contain his excitement. His expression fell as Dexter shook his head.

"No, General...look out your window."

Confused, the General stood up, shivering and rubbing his arms. Someone had to have messed with the thermostat to his office. That thought was the first thing to cross his mind, until he made it to the window. His eyes widened and he stumbled backward, tripping and knocking the lamp from his desk. The General returned to his seat, slamming his chilly hands on the desk.

"Dexter what is the meaning of this?! This office is across the country from Townsville!" he demanded. The boy genius narrowed his eyes, leaning toward the camera.

"There is only one explanation, General," he pointed out.

"Is bad is it?" the General asked in a low voice.

"Worldwide," Dexter's response caused the soldier's jaw to drop. But, the boy genius kept going, "Shortly after Blossom was eaten by the beast, the storms around the world stopped. The earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, those are still going but...everywhere at once, all across the world, even in places where it is not atmospherically possible... it has begun to snow,"


All around her was swirling shadows. Sharp teeth dug into her limbs, tugging and pulling at her, desperate to rip her apart. She could hear its roar, echoing everywhere at once. She slowly opened her eyes, looking to her left arm, then to her right. With a sigh, she gave a tug, pulling back at the countless mouths eager to dig into her. It was strong, given enough time, it might even be able to destroy her.

She turned her gaze upward, cocking her head. Her nose scrunched and a tiny smile appeared on her lips.

"You don't think it's over, do you?" she asked the creature. Another roar answered her, and the thousand mouths attacked her more fiercely than ever. She chuckled shrugging her shoulders. "I know your secret, Beast," she called.

A pair of piercing lights appeared in the darkness. The flames in her eyes grew brighter and brighter, as the little smile on her face grew to a toothy grin. She clenched her fists and began to tug on her arms. At the same time, she began to tug at her legs. The creature roared: a desperate scream.

"You're afraid," she hissed. Ammet fought with all her power to hold on, but inch by inch, Blossom pulled her arms in, tucking them at her sides. Her body was changing; the power within her was swelling. Blossom bowed her head and closed her eyes, laughing again.

"A smart man told me that you were the end of the world. That your coming meant it was all over." Blossom explained, tugging her legs tighter as she pulled her knees in. A sharp, sweet pain pierced her back as her final two tendrils stretched free. They were quickly caught in the thousand mouths. "I wanted to believe him," she continued," I wanted to think, maybe you could be the true test of my limitations. But..." Blossom crossed her arms over her chest and opened her eyes. The light within her began to pour from her skin.

"I realized something, Beast," she concluded, in an oddly calm voice, "I have no limitations," With one last sharp intake of air, Blossom threw her arms out and arched her back, unleashing the power that had been welling up inside of her.


Far away from Townsville, hidden from the cautious eyes of the world, a man calmly walked across a gold-tiled floor, holding a glass of wine in his hand. The image of the battle appeared on a hovering, ethereal old television screen. The beast had swallowed her whole, but could something so simple be the end of something so insurmountable?

The monster's legs trembled as it took another step and it sank to its knees. Its eyes widened, their glow growing dim. The man shook his head and brought the glass to his lips. Streaks of red trickled down either side of his trembling lips. Drawing a nervous breath, he wiped away the stain with the back of his hand. He narrowed his eyes, glowing behind his glasses.

"That foolish thing…" he stammered, throwing his wine glass to the ground. It shattered, only to instantly piece itself back together. A wisp of green smoke lifted it up and set it aside. The man stormed to the railing of the platform, leaning over as far as he could, to look more closely at the floating television screen. He could faintly see a light building up in the monster.

It gave a horrible cry, throwing its head back and screaming at the heavens. Like a fountain that had been backed up, blinding fuschia light erupted from the creature. It swirled higher and higher into the heavens, until it blocked out the red sun.

The man's glasses grew darker, but even then he could scarcely bear to look at the light. He could only faintly make out the figure within the pillar.

"You were so dragged Townsville into the darkest corner of Hell. But, what did you expect? Are you shocked to realize you've found the Devil?"


The darkness in Townsville suddenly gave way to blinding daylight as the pillar of power continued to spiral into the air. At the heart of the light, was Blossom, fully transformed to her true, demonic form. She cracked her neck and rubbed her shoulders, sighing with relief. Flexing her claws, she growled low in her throat and turned her gaze to the ground.

The beast, Ammet, was sprawled across the streets, her body torn open and still burning away. She grunted in pain, trying to sit up, only to just fall back down with another scream of pain. Before, where she could fade into the shadows to avoid damage, now she was at the light's mercy.

"You're afraid," Blossom called, licking her lips as she stretched her arm out, pulling it back and spreading her fingers wide. "You're going to die." With a swing of her arm, Blossom unleashed a great wave of light that came crashing down on Townsville below. It tore up the buildings in its path, vaporizing the rubble that was drawn into its incredible force.

Ammet struggled to her feet and, just in time, managed to vanish into the swirling shadows. The wave of power crashed into the ground, exploding and sending a wall of light into the air. When it faded, it left behind a canyon across the stretch of Townsville's shore. Anything that had been in its path was gone, vanished into the black depths of the scar.

Blossom casually spun in the air, snatching Ammet's jaw as she tried to clamp down on her. Shaking her head slowly, Blossom clicking her tongue.

"I'm done fighting you," Blossom tore Ammet free from the shadows and threw her toward the ground. Moving with her momentum, she spun in the air and rocketed toward the ground. A slice of pink pierced through the shadowy monster. The beast gave a breathless scream, one quickly ended when she landed on Blossom's outstretched arm. The Powerpuff leader threw the monster to the ground and rose up into the air. Her eyes shimmered, "Die," she whispered, a playful grin on her lips.

Ammet was caught off guard by the eruption of heat from Blossom's eyes. The heat rays tore the monster's body straight down the middle. They continued on, setting the ground ablaze as they slid through the street like it was hot butter. The attack ended as quickly as it came, leaving behind a smoldering river of molten concrete.

Blossom dodged Ammet's next attack. The beast had regrown the half she'd destroyed in an instant. Her gleaming eyes narrowed; she spun to lash out at Blossom again. The redhead stretched out two fingers, dragging her hand through the air with a meaningful slowness. By the time her fingers were pointed between Ammet's eyes, they were crackling with electricity.

With a little smirk, Blossom unleashed a torrent of lightning, tearing off a chunk of Ammet's head. She dodged the monster's charge and swung her fingers out again; another streak of lightning shot through her back, cleaving her in half. The two halves of the monster each grew their own head and launched themselves at the Powerpuff leader.

Blossom slid to the side, avoiding the first monster's charge. With a careless backhand, her arm morphing into a blade, she sliced the other in half. The two halves formed two more beasts, which launched at her with the other. Another dodge, another slice, another clone. Eventually, the redhead found herself facing an army of Ammets, every one snarling and angry.

"You just don't get it, do you?" Blossom asked, her amused grin belying her frustration. "It doesn't matter how you attack. You can never beat me," She closed her eyes and rested her hands on her hips, "Go on then, let's get this over with."

The Ammet's roared and launched themselves at her. The tornado of darkness around them seemed to be screaming, offering its assistance. A single streak of pink light shot through the night, dipping and diving left and right, up and around to avoid her relentless pursuers.


"She's not dead...she's really not dead," Buttercup murmured in relief. She dropped to her knees and hit her mitt against the rooftop, "Thank God she's not dead." Despite Buttercup's relief, the others were growing more nervous by the moment. The building they were camped out on was shaking every time the two combatants met. Blossom's last attack, a searing ball of energy, had collided with the ground nearby. While it had taken out ten, maybe more, of the Ammets, it had also destroyed everything else around it.

"This is stupid, why wasn't she fighting like this before?" Butch asked, turning to Buttercup for an answer. The green Powerpuff girl shrugged, but her sister spoke up.

"She was goofing around before. It's not enough to just beat them...Blossom wants to torment her too. She wants to...destroy her," Bubbles explained, pulling Beauty into a tighter hug. The Ultratuff Girls had all passed out, and were missing the worst part of the fight. Bubbles had never been more thankful.

"Yeah, she's bein' cocky," Brick admitted, "Just wants to show off while everyone is watchin'."

"What the?!"

"Oh no," Buttercup moaned, shuffling to her feet. A pair of heat rays shot by the building, colliding with the one just behind them. It exploded in a swirling pillar of heat, causing their safe place to tremble and begin to crumble. Before they could so much as cry out in shock, another pair of heat rays slammed into the street beside them, unleashing another pillar of heat. Buttercup spun around to the others, "C'mon, let's get out of here!"

Brick and Butch nodded. Bubbles lifted Beauty into her arms and motioned to the other two.

"Quick, grab them, and let's go!" Bubbles waited until Brick and Butch were safely gone with Bright and Bliss. She paused and offered Buttercup the bravest smile she could. Buttercup smiled, though neither of them believed each other's unspoken assurance. Once Buttercup was gone, Bubbles paused to watch Blossom.

She narrowed her eyes, growling, "She doesn't care at all if we get hurt," she muttered.

Bubbles rose up into the air, but hesitated one last time. Boomer had walked to the edge of the crumbling building, still holding Blossom's bow.

"It's time to go, the building is going down," Bubbles ordered. Boomer glanced over his shoulder at her. The glare he gave her caused her heart to skip a beat.

"I'll stay with Blossom, even if you won't." His voice was cold, utterly devoid of any of the goofy, nasally quality that made Boomer, well, Boomer. As the building crumbled, he floated into the air. With a snort, he turned away from Bubbles, to resume watching the fight.

"Fine, do whatever you want," Bubbles spat, before turning and hurrying away, back to the house. They all needed looked over, and, if worst came to worst, Blossom wouldn't drag the fight to their home, would she? The Powerpuff girl glanced over her shoulder, her heart sinking as she saw more explosions, more pillars of heat, flame and lightning tearing apart the city they'd worked so hard to save.


The fight had found its way back into the bay, soaring across the water. Blossom dipped and twirled, avoiding each of the countless heads' attacks. Noticing that they were fast approaching the wall of darkness that kept Townsville separated from the outside, Blossom took a long, deep breath and spun in the air. She brought her feet down, freezing the water they touched, bracing herself. With a roar of her own, she belched forth a titanic wave of flame, consuming her pursuers.

Their screams filled the sky, long after Blossom ceased her attack and began to walk back to Townsville. Everything that had been in her way was gone. All that remained was the dark hurricane, rising higher and higher around the city. Blossom snorted, a puff of smoke escaping her nostrils.

"You aren't done, don't try to fool me," she called. Growing impatient, Blossom took to the sky and rocketed back to Townsville. In seconds she came to a halt above the building where her sisters had been minutes ago.

A horrible roar rang out and the shadows darkened until the sun was gone. The only light remaining was the infinite, blinding light that poured from Blossom herself. She sneered and turned, raising her hand slowly, carelessly. Ammet emerged from the dark, in the largest form she'd taken yet. This was Ammet's true body. A beast so massive, so utterly terrifying it could swallow all of Townsville in its maw.

Blossom scrunched her nose and the corner of her mouth twitched upward. All sound in the city, perhaps in the world, vanished as she snapped her fingers.

An impossible cold surged from her fingertips; in an instant, Ammet, the last of the Great Old Ones, the mightiest of all monsters, was frozen solid.

Blossom floated up, until she was directly in Ammet's line of sight. She laid her hand flat against the frozen monster's forehead.

"If there are any more of you...tell them they aren't welcome in my world," Her last order to the monster given, all of Blossom's power erupted from the palm of her hand. When the light finally settled, there was a canyon going out across the horizon, across the sea. Water poured down on both sides, as if the heroine had opened up a hole in the planet. She turned to glance over her shoulder, smiling. "You didn't have to wait," she teased Boomer.

The Rowdyruff boy shrugged, holding out her bow, "Wanted to give this back," his brow furrowed when Blossom shook her head.

"I'm not done just yet. Take it back to my house, I should be in before too long,"

"Where are you going?" Boomer inquired with an obvious hint of jealousy in his voice.

Blossom laughed and patted his head, "This one should have been the last one, I'm going to follow her trail back and find out for sure," She winked and gave Boomer a shove back toward home. With a sigh of defeat, he nodded and hurried on his way.

Blossom turned back to the bay, watching the last wisps of shadow fade away. The disasters would surely stop now too. Then, all that would be left was her snow. With a satisfied smirk, Blossom shot off across the bay, toward Monster Island.
The Devil
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OMG! I just finished Endless Possibilities and all 68 current chapters of this sequel to your Map series and I must say, I'm enjoying it so far! The storyline and character development of everyone is a welcoming source of entertainment away from the typical good/evil hero vs villain cliché of cartoons, films, comics and other forms of media viewers have grown so accustomed to! I especially like how you've molded Blossom from a underappreciated good heroine little girl to a fallen hero/tragic villain type character that resulted from her mind becoming corrupted from all the tragedy and hardships she went through emotionally, socially, and physically. And with her fully unlocked powers pretty much making her nearly invincible to everything thrown her way makes me wonder if there really is anything out there that can defeat her...

I also like how you're expressing the personalities and development of the other characters in this. Boomer looks like the dark powers Blossom unleashed in him is making his mind mature as well. His feelings for her too...sorry Boomer, but she's already taken by Aku lol!

I sure hope you're continuing this! I would love to see another chapter!
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