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Endless Possibilities

Author's Note: Warning, what follows is an absolute curbstomp battle. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 2


The rain poured down like tears from Heaven. A cliché, a tired and worn out perfectly described the state of utter horror the city of Townsville felt, staring up at the great black shadow towering over them. Thunder crashed, and lightning flashed, and the city watched in horror, as a pair of great flaming eyes peered down at them from the clouds. The Powerpuff Girls trembled. Never before had they laid eyes on a monster like this.

“Foolish people! Too long has this world walked in brilliant sunlight! At long last, I have returned! shall all bow before me, or face eternal suffering! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” The demon's powerful voice echoed out over Townsville. People peered from windows, hid within their cars with the windows rolled up, and even ducked into alleys trying to get a closer look at the monster. Mojo Jojo stayed in his hiding spot.

“This...creature...what, what is this abomination?!” Mojo swallowed, ignoring the water streaming down his face and into his eyes. Try as he might, even the evil genius couldn't deny the unparalleled fear budding within him. Hovering over the tattered streets of Townsville, directly in the shadow of the beast, even the Powerpuff Girls were frozen in fear.

Bubbles opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, trembling violently. She whimpered, a high pitched, desperate sound. She shook her head back and forth, wanting to close her eyes, but unable to find the strength. Amidst the rain and wind, no one noticed the growing wet spot on her dress subtly tinkling down her stocking.

Buttercup's arms fell limply at her sides. Her lips were barely parted and her eyes were wide and unmoving. She tried clearing her throat, tried choking down the lump in her throat, but to no avail. She tried to get her mouth to move, tried to force a brave front, tried to defy the beast's claim. She couldn't utter more than an awed moan.

Blossom looked up at the creatures flaming eyes, his gnarled fangs and fiery beard. The monster stared back, a twisted, sadistic grin forming when she uttered a small cry. The bloody laceration on her arm had healed, but the arm was still too sore to use fully. Her hair, torn from its hair clip, was soaked and strewn across her face.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Is this what the world has come to in my absence? Mere children are sent into the lion's den?” Blossom swallowed and straightened up, lifting her injured arm and pointing a shaky mitt at the monster.

“We...we're...” Blossom's voice came out a weak, ghost of its usual form. She cleared her throat and glanced at her sisters. They turned to her. Blossom looked back at the monster and found the strength to call out louder, “We're the Powerpuff Girls! And we won't let you destroy our city!” The monster stretched out its arms, curling its sharp fingers into fists.

“Ah! Ha! Ha! So be it...Power Puff Girls! I...Aku, Lord of Evil and Master of Darkness, accept your challenge! My new reign of terror shall begin with you!” Aku narrowed his eyes and unleashed blast waves at the girls. The searing red rays of light, sparkling with black electricity, tore through the air with a near silent whistle.

“D-Dodge and fight g-girls!” The Powerpuff Girls dodged away from the rays, which slammed into the ground. The result was a massive pillar of explosive energy, silent but completely obliterating the surrounding city streets. The girls charged at the demon, who simply laughed again. As Blossom came at him from the front, Aku backhanded her, knocking her clear through a building several miles away, clear through the city streets and into the flooding sewers below. Bubbles came to an abrupt halt, seeing her sister batted away so easily.

“No! Blossom!” Aku grinned and brought down his other hand, slamming Bubbles into the ground. He continued to grind her into the pavement while Buttercup tried uselessly to draw the demon's attention.

“Let her up you creep!” Buttercup fired a volley of heat rays at Aku, who merely laughed while the energy was absorbed into his skin. Buttercup floated back in terror. “Oh no...not again,” Aku thrust is free hand out, unleashing a blast of heat directly into Buttercup's face. The green puff flew through the air and collided with an apartment complex. Screams of horror echoed across the city as the building began to tumble backward and collapse on itself.

“No! We have to save those people!” Blossom cried as she flew back onto the scene. She gasped when the giant shadow overhead shifted and changed. Suddenly she found herself face to face with a giant, terrible looking black bird. A bird with the monster's face.

“Do not dare to turn away from Aku!” Aku slashed Blossom with his talons, flying circles around her as she struggled to keep up.

“I...I won't let you win!” Blossom wound up and landed a blow on the demon, who simply laughed and drilled her in the face with his giant beak. Blossom screamed as her cheek slit and blood began to dribble down her chin. Aku pulled back abruptly, hissing and glaring at the pink puff.

'What is this? Something in this child's blood...' Aku shook his head. It was no real threat to him, whatever it was. Blossom had recovered and started to fly back to the apartment complex, where a very dizzy Buttercup was struggling to hold the crumbling building up.

“Buttercup! I'm coming!”

“I think not!” Aku shifted, becoming a massive gorilla. He grabbed Blossom in one of his powerful hands, holding her face to the ground as they plummeted from the air. Blossom screamed as the two landed on a fire hydrant, the puff's powerful body crushing it, but not without causing her excruciating pain. Aku held her face in the now gushing water, cackling madly as she sputtered and struggled to get away.

“Do not even try to fight, child! You are no match against the strength of Aku! Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Aku howled as something violently crashed into his side, like an angry hornet. The demonic gorilla swatted at the offender, missing her as she swirled around with fire burning in her eyes.

“Let her go you monster!” Bubbles ducked away from another attack and flew at Aku, landing several more annoying blows. Aku growled and flung Blossom away, shifting into a massive snake as he advanced on Bubbles. Bubbles dove away from the initial strike, but was caught in Aku's massive tail. She screamed as the wizard quickly wrapped around her and began to tighten his coils.

“Yes! Scream, child! Your suffering is music to the great Aku!” Blossom sat up, coughing violently. So violently, that soon she began to vomit, collapsing onto the ground once more. Tears streaking her face, her breaths coming in harsh drags, she heard a scream and turned. Blossom gasped seeing Bubbles trapped in Aku's grasp. She heard another yell and turned, seeing the building, held up by only Buttercup, slowly falling to the ground.

“ what do I do? Bubbles! Buttercup! I...I need to help them but...” Blossom looked back and forth, whimpering and rubbing at the rainwater and tears streaking her vision. She heard Bubbles' scream abruptly cut off and clenched her eyes shut. “Buttercup! I'm sorry!”

Blossom launched herself at Aku, slamming her fist into his face. Aku chuckled softly and lifted his reptilian head up so that he and Blossom were eye to eye. Blossom shuddered, feeling her insides twisting uncontrollably. Aku inched ever closer, until she could feel his searing hot breath on her face. Aku narrowed his eyes, cocking his head. Her breath was soft and sweet, coming in small, panicked puffs.

“You cannot hope to defeat Aku, child,” Blossom shivered and clenched her eyes shut, opening them once again to stare into his. She clenched her stomach muscles and struggled to resist the urge to run. Aku grinned, baring his twisted fangs. Blossom half-closed her eyes and nervously leaned back from the monster. Aku sniffed, the metallic scent of her blood floating in the air. Something familiar drew him closer to her. Blossom's breathing sped up, a few frightened tears working their way to her eyes, even if they were lost in the rain. Aku's tongue flicked out, passing over her bleeding cheek. Blossom gasped and pulled her hands to her mouth. Aku came even closer, familiarity drawing him even closer.

“Back off ugly!” The two looked up as a green flash shot through the air and a powerful little fist slammed into Aku's cheek. The demon bristled, his flaming eyebrows lightening up in a blaze. He swung his tail around, hurtling an unconscious, barely breathing Bubbles into her sisters. The Powerpuff Girls sat helpless on the ground as Aku began to shift into a massive, darker form.

“Insolent little whelps! I have lost my patience with you! Now you shall see the full wrath of Aku!” Blossom's arms went limp and Buttercup softly muttered a phrase she'd heard the Professor say when he thought he was alone.

“Oh shit...” The massive form of the demonic dragon hovered over them, towering taller than any monster they'd ever faced. The dragon roared and spewed a wall of fire at the girls. Blossom grabbed Buttercup and pulled them both down over Bubbles. The wall of fire engulfed over half the city, every last inch of it that lay behind and near the girls. Aku roared as the fire fizzled out. The city was engulfed in fire and its heroes lay burnt and defeated on the ground.

“Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! How infantile! To think small children could even stand a chance against Aku!” Throughout the fight, Mojo had watched in horror as the monster, Aku, effortlessly thrashed the Powerpuff Girls. While their fight with the simian had weakened them, even if they had been in good health, Mojo had his doubts that they could stand a chance.

“This is like nothing I've ever seen, witnessed, observed! What could this creature possibly be?” Mojo heard screams and looked around. The city was in a state of utter chaos. Flames were spreading quickly as the monster, shifted once more to his original form, stood over the destruction laughing, spreading more flames and crushing more buildings. Mojo noticed an oncoming vehicle and moved to a better location, trying to get a closer look.

“The...Professor? What is he doing here...” Mojo was shocked to see the Professor get out of his car, diving quickly away from a collapsing building. There was something in his arms that he was protecting with all his might. Step-by-cautious-step, the Professor inched ever closer to the demon. Just as he got close, the demon turned his flaming eyes on the scientist.

“What's this? Another mortal has come to challenge the might of Aku?” The Professor narrowed his eyes and uncovered the package. Mojo stared at the label on the beaker.

“Antidote X...” The Professor cleared his throat and shouted at the demon.

“I've got a present for you, monster! For hurting my girls!” Aku began to lean in closer, his eyes widening and a fearful shiver shaking his massive form. He gasped and quickly righted himself, howling in a fury.

“You! How is this possible! Surely you are dead and gone! No! No, I will not again be defeated!” Too late he lashed out at Professor Utonium. The scientist hurled the beaker at Aku. It smashed into the demon's descending face, orange liquid spilling out into his eyes. The demon arched his back and shot upright, screaming in agony.

“What is this!? What have you done to me!?” Aku rubbed his eyes furiously and stared at his skin. Where it came into contact with the orange substance, it began to liquefy. Aku howled and transformed into a massive black bird, vanishing into the clouds.

“Do not rest easy Samurai! I will return! You will not again defeat Aku!” Mojo crept out of the shadows and watched the Professor scoop up the girls.

“Girls! Girls wake up! Oh please girls...” The evil genius could hear the Professor babbling a few yards away. He heard the sirens of the fie department, heard the howls of both police car and ambulance in the distance. Mojo scratched his head and crossed his arms.

The monster, Aku, was more powerful than the Powerpuff Girls. It had defeated them without a bit of effort. The monster seemed to recognize the Professor...or at least confuse him with someone else. The Professor seemed to know something about the monster. Antidote X had managed to hurt the invincible beast. But what did this mean?

Mojo looked up at the clouds and rubbed his hands together, a wicked grin spreading across his face.
Chapter 2: Rain of Evil

He's back, he's pissed, and he's ready to completely destroy the world. Can the girls even stand a chance after fighting Mojo? No, no they cannot.

What is Mojo planning? Something bigger is in the works, I fear.

Here is the first hint of AkuBloss. It was fun to write and I think this story is going to be as cute as it is creepy and depressing.

AkuBloss: Making Pedophilia look Adorable
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Dayte: And then Aku was all like
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The little hint was so disturbing, makes me all giddy XDD Good god, about time someone besides Utonium felt a demonic little lick on their cheek :lol: I cannot WAIT to see what Mojo has in store, either! He seems to be formulating a very delicious scheme. :3
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