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Endless Possibilities

Author's Note: Plot chapter, snore...or is it? Warning, I'm getting a little racy in this chapter. You'll definitely know it when you see it, feel free to skip.

Chapter 3


The Professor drove in silence, his brow furrowed, his knuckles white. Every so often, he glanced to the side and watched his girls sleep. They hadn't been beaten, they'd been completely demolished. The...confrontation with that demon. It hadn't been a battle; it had been a beating. The Professor gently reached over and laid his hand on Bubbles' side. She whimpered quietly and curled up tighter. The Professor frowned and faced forward.

'The monster called me Samurai...maybe it' that's not possible. That was just a fairy tale, right? I don't know anymore...' The Professor sighed and pulled into the driveway. He turned off the car and sat, listening to the sound of the sirens in the distance. Listening to the sound of his precious little girls breathing. Quick gasps, shallow drags, and whimpering cries drowned out the rest of the world. The Professor narrowed his eyes and gripped the wheel even tighter.

'They didn't stand a chance...not even a chance...' The monster flew away, proclaiming vengeance on the scientist for stopping it. There were so many questions: what the monster was, where it came from, and how to stop it. The scientist opened the door, walked around to the other side, and carefully pulled the girls into his arms. Their powers were starting to take over the healing...but the emotional wounds were going to take even longer to heal.

“Don't worry, angels...Daddy's going to figure this out, no matter what,” The Professor carried the girls inside, gently tucked them into their bed, and stalked down the stairs, staring at the house phone. In his hand he carried a small memo pad marked “Personal Numbers”. He said down by the phone and sighed, staring at it. How would they react? Mock him? Ignore him? Maybe...or maybe they'd understand. He only hoped that either way they had the answers.

“Yes...hello Eugene? Yes, why yes it is Jimmy! Yes, I'm sorry I haven't called in a while. Things have been very busy here in town. Yes you know how it is,” The Professor relaxed visibly, a smile worming its way onto his face. It really had been too long since he spoke with his brother. The Professor sighed and slouched, glancing toward the stairs. He didn't have time for small talk.

“Listen Eugene...something very bad happened I'm fine...the girls are,” The Professor looked toward the stairs again, “They're recovering,” He nodded, taking on a grave presence. His brother continued asking questions, sounding as frantic and hysterical as the Professor felt inside. He chuckled listlessly and cleared his throat.

“A monster appeared while the girls were fighting their arch-nemesis...yes my old pet. He goes by Mojo Jojo now. Anyway...this giant black monster came out of Mojo's machine! I know it sounds ridiculous fought the girls, and they didn't stand a chance. If I my hunch hadn't been correct, then the girls and I...and all of Townsville would have probably been destroyed,” The scientist stood up, carrying the phone with him as he went. He stopped in the living room, staring at a photo of himself and his girls. His lips trembled, and he quickly turned it away.

“Eugene, the called me Samurai when it saw me. Yes,” The Professor chuckled, “I thought the same thing...but it seemed to be almost frightened when it saw me. I was wondering...” He froze, staring at the wall. The Professor swallowed the massive lump in his throat.

“I was wondering if you knew anything about story Grandpa used to tell us,”


The Professor sat in his lab, watching scenes from the fight over and over again. The monster fit his brother's description perfectly. A shapeshifting wizard of unimaginable power that seemed to be made of evil itself. The Professor rubbed his chin, wincing with every blow his little girls took.

“There has to be some way to find out how the monster was defeated...Grandpa's story was just that a noble warrior killed him. There must be more to it!” Professor Utonium watched closely as his video counterpart flung Antidote-X into Aku's eyes. Instantly the demon retreated, melting and screaming in pain. The Professor nodded, lightning up his pipe and pacing the room. Aku was the substance from which he created Chemical X.

“That would explain his power...and his reaction to Antidote-X. But what does it mean? How can I use this to help destroy him?” The Professor sat down once more and began to scan through the ingredient list for Antidote-X. Really, it wasn't an actual counterpart to the original Chemical X the girls were created from. He hadn't had real, honest, true Chemical X since that accident...since that blessing.

No what passed as Chemical X now was a vastly weaker, synthetic substitute. That was why Bullet's powers were substantially weaker than the girls'. That was why Mojo, in his mutated, monstrous form, was no match for the girls when they cut loose. That was why the mass-produced Powerpuffs created by Dick had been so wretched and inferior. Just the same, it was the reason why Mojo's mutation hadn't been removed by Antidote-X, and why the girls quickly recovered their powers after Mojo doused them with it.

“Any Antidote-X I create now will probably only have a hindering effect on Aku. What was the stabilizing agent in the original concoction?” The Professor flipped through a few more files, coming at last to a hidden document, the one and only location of the true formula for Chemical X.

“It was pure water, charged with positive ions...and the family heirloom! That metal powder...where did it come from?” The metal power was the necessary ingredient to stabilize the chaotic remains of Aku. The question now was where the metal powder came from. The powder itself was gone, it had taken all of the powder to create the original Chemical X. The Professor got up and made his way to the phone once again. This was going to be a very long-distance call.


Mojo Jojo poured over his past inventions, his devious grin broadening when he at last found a weapon he never again thought would prove useful.

“Yes...yes, with this, the very weapon commissioned by Princess with which I can give Powerpuff Powers and inversely take away Powerpuff Powers!” Mojo snickered and took out the gun, setting it on a work table and checking the circuitry.

“It is still in working condition...yes, with this I, Mojo Jojo, will be in no danger to that changing monster! Antidote-X was what it took to hurt him, and what hurt him was Antidote-X! This means that the monster must, in some way, have Chemical X in it! And with this weapon, will I, Mojo Jojo, be in control when confronted by that monster!” Mojo cackled and sat down at his computer. The monster possessed frightening power. A power great enough to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. A power...that could easily allow an enterprising genius to completely take over the planet.

“If I can somehow enslave that monster, or at least find a way to harness its power, then I will be unstoppable! But how...with this gun I can harm the beast, but,” Mojo trailed off, pulling up footage of the fight. The monster was faster than the Powerpuff Girls. The monster was stronger than the Powerpuff Girls. But most dangerous of all...the monster was quite simply too smart for the Powerpuff Girls.

“Long have I done battle against the forces of good and justice in this world, and in all that time there is but one, single, solitary individual I would ever consider my equal in intellect...” Mojo watched as Aku smashed Blossom through a fire hydrant and held her in the spray of water. He watched as Aku let her go to fight Bubbles, and continued watching as Blossom violently threw up. “And this monster, this demon, this...evil creature outmatches even her,” Mojo frowned and steepled his fingers. Beads of sweat leaked down his cheeks. Mojo coughed and stood up, walking towards the exit.

“Stupid air conditioner must have frozen up again...” Mojo coughed once more and wiped his forehead, leaving his lab to find the thermostat. The monitor sizzled as it froze on an image of Aku laughing, standing over the defeated Powerpuff Girls. There was a loud snap and a hiss as the monitor went out, smoke rising into the air.


She stared into those wicked eyes, unable to turn away. She could hear the flaming eyebrows flickering in the blank world around them. Something inside her stirred and made her mouth go dry. She could feel his searing hot breath on her face. It smelled like charcoal and ash...a horrible smell, one so terrible her eyes watered and her own breaths became shallow and weak. Everything around his vicious eyes, narrowed in a surreal state of intrigue, faded into blackness. It could easily be that he was the blackness.

“You cannot hope to defeat Aku, child,” She gasped and tensed up. His voice was frightening and powerful, like that of a god. She shuddered when he leaned closer. She broke out into cold sweat and goosebumps. Her mouth fell open and her breathing became quicker, but deeper. He drew closer still, his slithering, wet tongue gently caressing her cheek. Her blood dripped down his lips. She found her voice, uttering a single, high-pitched moan.

Her legs tightened up; she curled into a ball, panting and staring deeply into those wicked eyes. As he breathed on her yet again, she felt her muscles tightening and relaxing uncontrollably. Her breath stopped when his tongue gently flicked against her cheek again. She slowly became aware of a growing wetness.


Blossom sat up in a hurry, quickly covering her mouth and looking around. They were home, in their room, and in their bed. The lights were out and the door was cracked just enough to let a thin stream of light come in. Blossom looked down at her sisters, who were starting to wake up now. Blossom blinked and looked down, her eyes widening. She carefully slipped out of bed, cringing and hissing as pain rocked her body. Twitching, she flew off to change into a new outfit.

“Blossom? Blossom where are you?!” Blossom sighed and came out of the bathroom, smiling at Bubbles. Bubbles calmed down and smiled, flying over to her sister. Buttercup groaned and sat up, her bones cracking and popping.

“Oh man...could you two keep it down? My head hurts,” Blossom pulled Bubbles over to the bed, the three looking their wounds over. Blossom sighed and kept her eyes on the bedspread. Buttercup looked away, refusing to make eye contact. Bubbles' eyes began to water, and in moment she started wailing.

“We lost! Townsville is doomed!” Buttercup rolled her eyes and glared at the blue puff. She pointed her mitt at the window.

“Oh relax, Dummy! Townsville is just fine! Look!” Bubbles sniffled and wiped her eyes.

“But...we still lost...” Buttercup looked down, her anger replaced by sorrow. Blossom sighed and grabbed their hands.

“Hey...come on, let's go downstairs and find out what happened,” With a nod, they all flew downstairs, where they could hear their father on the phone. A pencil was scribbling rapidly, and the Professor's voice was kept at a low hush. The girls peered around the corner of the kitchen, watching their father.

“Thank you very much sir...yes I will...” The Professor threw the phone down, staring at the notes he'd taken. The girls traded a glance and flew up behind him, nervous to even make a sound. Finally Buttercup shoved Blossom forward. After a silent argument, Blossom put on a sheepish smile and lightly cleared her throat. The Professor turned around, a smile breaking his tired demeanor.

“'re feeling alright?” The girls nodded, floating down into the Professor's lap. The family hugged tightly. Blossom pulled away from the Professor, trying to get a peak at his notepad.

“Who were you talking to Professor?” The Professor picked up the notepad and sat down his pipe. He sighed and shook his head.

“I was...trying to find more information about that monster,”

“Aku!” Blossom quickly piped up. She blinked and put her hand to her mouth curiously. The Professor nodded, patting Bubbles' head.

“Yes, Aku. It would seem that...our family has something of a history with that monster,” The girls looked up with wide eyes. Buttercup raised an incredulous eyebrow.

“What? Serious?” The Professor nodded, and cleared his throat, reading the notes he'd taken.

“The monster is called Aku. He is an ancient sorcerer with unimaginable power who took over the world a long time ago. He draws power from the evils of the world, and is completely immune to all mortal weapons,” The girls stared in awe. Bubbles raised her hand, gasping.

“But...but who saved us then?” The Professor smiled and hugged the girls again.

“I'm getting there see when Aku took over the world, there was only one person who stood up to him. A nameless samurai who had a magical sword imbued with the power of good. He used that sword to destroy Aku and bury him miles under the earth,” The Professor picked up his pipe and puffed it again, “That samurai was my ancestor,” The girls beamed, proud of their father's famous relative. Buttercup blinked and looked away.

“Wait, but how did Aku come back then? If he was killed?” The Professor laughed sheepishly and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“That's...a very hard question to answer. You see, the place where Aku was buried was an ecological phenomenon. And after graduating, my first job was working as a scientific consult at an excavation of the site. What we found, was a strange puddle of black liquid that gave off an impossibly high level of radiation,” Buttercup and Bubbles nodded, listening intently. Blossom's face fell, realization starting to hit her. The Professor frowned and patted her lap as he continued.

“I took that substance back to a lab and tried to find a way to stabilize it so that I could use it's amazing energy...I found a way to and created a new...super chemical. I just never got around to giving it an appropriate name,” Bubbles blinked and stared blankly.

“What happened to it Professor?” Blossom swallowed and looked up at the Professor.

“It' us isn't it? That...that stuff was Chemical X!” Buttercup and Bubbles gasped.


“No way! That's impossible!” The Professor nodded, sighing and taking out his pipe. The girls stared in horror. That monster was the source of Chemical X, and indirectly the source of the girls themselves!

“It's true...when I realized how powerful Aku was...I had a hunch and rushed out to help you. I splashed Antidote-X in his face and he ran away...but it won't be enough,” Blossom lowered her head, putting her mitt to her chin.

“Why not Professor?” The Professor sighed.

“Well...there hasn't ever been an Antidote-X to the real Chemical X. You see, after you girls were created, every other beaker of Chemical X I made was a very, very weak synthetic Chemical X. Antidote-X is made to counteract that, not the pure and impossibly powerful real Chemical X...erm, rather the full power of Aku,” The girls sighed and stared at their laps.

“Then...what can we do?” The Professor sighed and looked at each of the girls.

“Well...that's what we need to find out, huh girls?” The Powerpuff Girls nodded. Blossom looked toward the window, swallowing. What to do indeed...
Chapter 3: The Wheel Begins to Turn

The Professor begins investigating the origin of Aku and how to defeat him. Meanwhile Mojo starts planning his own course of action. And a certain Powerpuff has an...interesting dream.

I'm going to Hell before this story is over.
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konohanbi14 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student General Artist
very cool. let me think blossom is dreaming of aku.mojo is planing how to control the monster .also the professor is telling the girl's the origin and what it is .nice! next to read is chapter 4 .
DuckxDuck Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Student General Artist
Another epic chapter! :aww:
shaharaj Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Growing wetness. XD Hilarious.

Mind if I post a critique?

I think it's a bit confusing when you put an action of someone right after a quote that another person says.


“Wait, but how did Aku come back then? If he was killed?” The Professor laughed sheepishly and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Okay. That wasn't hard to understand, but in some cases, it's a bit difficult for me to know who is talking, until I read it over a few times. Just a note. might just be me. :shrug:
AkuBlossom Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009
Yeah I get that a lot. It just feels boring to write, He said, She said after everything. But I agree, I can hear the voices in my head (feel free to joke) so it works out just fine to me.

I'm trying to work on that :P
shaharaj Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I know how you feel. When I Roleplay, I get completely engrossed in it like I'm writing my own book. :dead: It's like a movie playing it your head. You have an idea of what they all say and what the person hearing it's reaction is, but you don't fully describe what the speaker is doing. I had to think a lot about that. :p
teacupballerina Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009  Student General Artist
..I'm just gonna review at FFnet if that's okay with you :heart:
AkuBlossom Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009
Always is!
SkylertTH Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
A LOT of plot in this one, some errors in it from what I can tell. First one is when he's asking his brother about the old story their grandfather told them about. It should be "About that story." The second one I could find was Buttercup's question "What? Serious?" Should be "What? Seriously?"

But despite the critic me, the chapter is once again a great addition to the story. Keep it up :)
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