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Endless Possibilities

Author's Note: Upward swing of depression hitting! OH NO! IT'S ANOTHER FIGHT SCENE!

Chapter 6


Evening in Townsville was a peaceful, relaxing time for the frantic citizens to lay back and recover for the next hectic day. Things were no different at the Utonium household, where Ms. Keane and the Powerpuff Girls with their homework. The four sat around the table, hard at work, the girls trying hard to get done before TV Puppet Pals came on.

Buttercup was pressing her mental faculties to their limit, glaring at her math homework. She looked up at Ms. Keane; the teacher smiled and rubbed her back, leaning down to look at the paper.

“Alright, let's see how you're doing...very good Buttercup! Let's look at the next one,” Buttercup nodded and sighed, staring at the problem. Next to Buttercup, Bubbles was eagerly working on the poster for her Special Person project. She hummed and sang to herself, meticulously coloring and designing what, she felt, would be the greatest poster of all time. She beamed happily and held up the poster.

“Ms. Keane! Ms. Keane! How does my poster look?” She asked eagerly. Ms. Keane looked up and smiled brightly.

“Oh my! That looks wonderful, Bubbles! Who is your Special Person?” Bubbles put her poster down and went back to coloring it.

“I think it's gonna be the Professor, cause he's our dad and he's really important!” Her voice escalated in excitement towards the end. Ms. Keane giggled and nodded.

“Well that's a very good choice...oh are you done Buttercup?” Buttercup stared at her paper and licked her lips.

“Uh, I think so,” Ms. Keane nodded and patted her on the back.

“Very good, I think it's about time for your show to start girls!” She said in a sing-song voice. Bubbles and Buttercup grinned wildly and quickly cleaned up the table before rushing to the living room. Blossom still sat at the table, staring at a sheet of paper. Ms. Keane looked over her shoulder. It was her notes on the Special Person project. In the living room, the theme song for TV Puppet Pals could be heard clearly.

“Blossom! It's starting!” Bubbles cried out. Ms. Keane sat down next to Blossom, who hadn't heard Bubbles. She carefully touched her shoulder. Blossom snapped out of her daze and looked up. Ms. Keane looked concerned. Blossom looked back down at her paper, narrowing her eyes.

“What's wrong Blossom? You seem so distant lately,” She asked in a soothing tone. Blossom shook her head and looked up. She moved her mouth like she was going to say something, but then looked back down at the paper.

“I'm alright...I think...I guess?” Blossom shook her head, looking up at the clock. She stood up in her chair and smiled sheepishly, “Oh wow...look it's time for Puppet Pals! I should um...should go,” Blossom quickly flew out of the room. Ms. Keane watched her go and sighed, looking back down at the paper Blossom had been staring at. She picked it up and read it over. In the center there was a question written:

'Who is My Special Person?' Ms. Keane read to herself, wiping a thin bead of sweat from her forehead. She sat the paper back down before heading to the living room. 'There's something more going on here...' She thought, putting on a smile as she sat down with the girls. Whatever it was could wait. Right now...she was enjoying the dream too much to ponder reality.


“So the children proved more powerful than I'd even imagined...”

The Townsville Police Department churned with the late night workings of law enforcement. The building was actually quite empty, save for a few lowly crooks locked behind bars and the nightly dispatchers remaining markedly bored. Behind several locked doors and down a flight of stairs lay the evidence room, where any confiscated weapons and contraband were kept safe. Deeper still, beyond a steel door locked with every manner of security guard possible, was the Supervillain Evidence Room. It was in this room that the Townsville Police Force kept the confiscated items of the city's native brand of costumed villainy.

“Perhaps in these carefully guarded walls, I will find a more suitable opponent for these Powerpuff Girls,”

By far, the most prominent weapon in the facility was a massive robot, whose back had been completely shattered. It was made of shining duranium, slightly dulled by the rain and debris of combat. Aside from the gaping hole in its back, the robot was excellent condition. The lights in the room flickered and exploded. A thick, tangible darkness began to flood the room. A pair of fiery eyes opened and a wicked grin spread across the owner's face.

“Ah...yes. This is an appropriate test, a proper opponent for those girls! It just needs repaired...” Aku smirked and dark tendrils extended from his flowing, shadowy form. The darkness flooded into the robot's destroyed back and infected its lifeless power cells. More tendrils took metal from around the room and forged it into a new plate to patch up the robot's one injury.

“Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes! An enemy you've not yet bested! This second trial will definitely reveal your limitations!” The robot's cockpit suddenly blackened. A whirring sound filled the evidence room, as the robot began to come to life.


The next day began slowly. The sun crept over the horizon slowly, the birds were slow to begin singing, even the wind blew across the town at a lazy pace. At the home of the Powerpuff Girls, even the town's favorite heroes were having a difficult time getting started that morning. Rather, one third of the famous trio was having difficulties with waking up.

Blossom laid in bed, eyes open and a pillow pulled over her face. It had been four days since they first fought Aku. Every time she slept since then she saw the same terrifying dream. Even now she could remember his red eyes perfectly. She could still hear his eyebrows blazing in the rain. She could still feel his tongue quickly, lightly brushing against her cheek. Blossom pulled the pillow tighter over her face, blushing furiously.

“Blossom! It's time to wake up Sweetie, we need to leave soon!” Ms. Keane's cheerful voice pierced the general silence in the room. Blossom remained unmoving. Still staring into the darkness...

'Is the darkness staring back?' She mused. Blossom sighed and pushed her pillow away, sitting up and finally looking around the room. Her eyes fell on the clock and she gasped, flying into action immediately.

“Oh no! Oh no! I'm so far behind! I can't be late! Oh gosh!” The three, now in Ms. Keane's care, needed to leave even earlier than usual to make sure they got to school before the rest of the class. As she flew around the room in a flurry, the door creaked open and Ms. Keane peered in. She smiled and waited in the door way. Blossom came to a halt in front of her, a panicked look on her face.

“Ms. Keane! I'm so sorry, I won't be late tomorrow I promise!” Ms. Keane giggled and walked downstairs with her, shaking her head.

“It's alright Blossom, our schedule isn't that tight,” Blossom sighed and sat down at the table, quickly eating her breakfast while her sisters finished packing their backpacks. She finished in record time and right at their appointed time to leave, was ready and floating alongside her sisters. The four journeyed in relative silence to school, listening to the very low sound of Ms. Keane's favorite CD. Bubbles noticed that Blossom seemed uneasy, and leaned over to her.

“It's okay Blossom, Ms. Keane isn't mad,” She whispered. Blossom nodded and gave Bubbles a reassuring smile.

“I know,” She whispered back. Bubbles smiled and giggled.

“So what were you dreaming about?” Blossom's cheeks turned bright pink, and her attention quickly turned to the road passing by outside. Bubbles blinked in confusion. Blossom's expression was familiar, she just couldn't place how.

“Here we are girls! Would you like to help me get the classroom ready?” Ms. Keane asked as they poured out of the car.

“Yeah!” The girls chorused. Bubbles quickly forgot about Blossom's strange behavior. Blossom; however, hadn't forgotten her question.


The Townsville Police Department was working at full force. Granted, the day was, thus far, the slowest they could remember having. By noon, there hadn't been so much as a pickpocketing or a gas station robbery. There weren't even cases of littering or jaywalking. So for the local authorities, the day became an endless cycle of playing catchup on paperwork.

One officer was stuck with the wonderful task of taking inventory of the evidence rooms. So, with clipboard in hand, he stalked through the basement, ensuring that nothing was missing and nothing was present that shouldn't be. As he neared the door to the Supervillain Evidence Room, he stopped in his tracks. There was a loud whirring sound coming from the other side of the door. The officer stared in shock.

“That doesn't sound right...” As he reached for the door, it was suddenly shot out, crushing him beneath it. The officer groaned, struggling to push off the massive steel door. Had he been able to breathe, he'd have held his breath, when the room began to shake with massive footsteps. The officer screamed when an explosion rocked the entire station.


The day had dragged, even slower than the morning had. It seemed like she spent the whole day staring at the phone. Daring it to ring? Maybe...begging it to ring? When the Hotline finally did ring, Blossom was at it in record time. She licked her lips and took a deep breath.

“What's the trouble Mr. Mayor?” The trouble was one the girls had become accustomed to. Townsville was under attack from a giant robot, “Right, we'll get on it,” Blossom hanged the phone and turned to her sisters. With a nod in unison, a glance at their teacher, and a nod of approval, the Powerpuff Girls were gone off into Townsville.

Next to giant monsters, giant robots were the most common enemy the girls faced. And every time, there was an evil monkey behind the wheel. A long lost bastard brother who desperately sought to destroy them. They fought, he lost. Oh they were hurt, every time they suffered extensive injuries. But every time they came out on top. Every time they overcame his plots. Every time it was Mojo Jojo.

This wasn't every time.

“Oh no...he got to that Robo Jojo...” Blossom whispered. The girls stopped before the Ultimate Fighting Robo Jojo Mach 27.13. It slowly turned to face them, moving with almost human flexibility.

“What?! Mojo is trying that thing again? Great...we couldn't even beat it last time!” Buttercup shouted, glaring at the Robo Jojo. Bubbles gulped, but put on a brave face. They could beat Mojo Jojo.

“That's not Mojo...” Blossom muttered, just loud enough for her sisters to hear.

“What?” They turned to her, then slowly followed her mitt, looking at the pitch black cockpit of the Robo Jojo. Bubbles and Buttercup slowly looked back at Blossom, who was staring with narrowed eyes. Still her mouth twitched.

“S-So that's Aku too?” Bubbles asked. Blossom nodded and licked her lips. The Robo Jojo began to whir, stalking toward them. The Powerpuff Girls got ready. A robot they hadn't been able to defeat, stripped of the supervillain they were used to defeating, and now powered by an enemy they hadn't even been able to hurt.

“ can absorb our energy attacks and it's made of duranium, so we can't break it...” Blossom whispered. The robot charged at them, electrical sparks crackling across its metal armor. Buttercup elbowed Blossom, glaring at her.

“Are you just going to say the bad stuff or tell us how to beat it!” Blossom swallowed and floated back.

“Scatter and let's try an Ultrasonic Scream!” The girls flew away from the robot's initial charge, also swerving and spiraling to avoid its following attacks. The robot spun around and extended its eight metallic tentacles, swiping and stabbing at the frantic Powerpuffs. The girls joined in the air and all began to scream, the combined force of the three Sonic Screams creating an earthquake in Townsville. The robot 's tentacles all began spinning wildly, generating a field of energy around the robot that negated their attack.

“Drat! That didn't work! Alright, wait for a new opening and try a Starburst Ray on the back of its knees!” The girls flew back into a defensive pattern. The robot began to spontaneously launch missiles from the hundred of silos on its body, while swiping at the girls with its arms and tentacles. It walked through the streets at a sedate pace, an electronic pulse field keeping any of the girls' weaker attacks—their heat rays, ice breath, and any other minor energy blasts—from even getting near it. The girls finally found their opening and swooped down behind the robot.

“Now! Starburst Ray!” The girls each held out a hand, firing a single ray of energy. The three rays converged and erupted in a pulsing wave of glittering light. The energy slammed into the back of the robot's knee, and was quickly absorbed into it.

“No! It can absorb energy from anywhere?!” Blossom cried, floating back with her sisters. The robot turned, its chest cavity opening and revealing a shining cannon. The robot fired out a wave of energy, so powerful it knocked itself back a few steps. The girls dodged the attack, but Buttercup was caught on the outer edge. The energy wave tore across her back, sending her spiraling down writhing in pain.

“Buttercup!” Bubbles and Blossom cried, staring in horror. Their sister struggled to get up, slowly climbing to her feet just in time to dodge the robot's massive foot.

“Bubbles distract it!” Blossom flew down, desperate to make up for abandoning Buttercup in their fight with Aku. She snatched her sister and pulled her away from a volley of missiles. Above, Bubbles proceeded to fly around the robot, blasting the missiles out of the air with her heat rays, and occasionally trying to blast the robot itself. Dodging its swipes and tentacles proved too much, and Bubbles was forced into a permanent defensive.

“Buttercup! Are you alright? You're bleeding!” Buttercup groaned and stood up, doubling over and leaning against Blossom. Her back was badly burnt and cut, the backside of her dress was torn wide open. It was a wonder she could even stand. Blossom held her sister steady. Buttercup shook her head.

“I'm fine...c'mon we gotta help Bubbles, right?” She started to fly into the air, but it was obvious she wouldn't be able to keep up. Blossom flew up with her, putting an arm around her shoulders and helping her back into the fray. Bubbles screamed when a tentacle lashed out and slapped her through the sky. She managed to halt herself, just when her sisters finally joined her.

“Bubbles! You okay?” Buttercup winced out. Bubbles nodded, gasping and covering her mouth when she saw Buttercup's injury.

“Buttercup! You can't fight like that!” Buttercup growled and shook her head.

“I'm fine...what's the plan Leader Girl?” Blossom stared at the oncoming robot. Her eyes flashed back and forth, scanning every possible detail of its design. Her gaze stopped on the cockpit. She nodded and let go of Buttercup. The green puff faltered momentarily, but managed to keep herself afloat.

“We're going to attack the cockpit, it doesn't look like it's made of duranium and it's possible it can't absorb our powers too...we just have to get close,” Buttercup laughed and floated upright, puffing out her chest.

“No problem, I'm fast enough to get by this rust bucket,” She hissed and doubled over, new blood dripping down her back. Bubbles flew around Blossom, grabbing Buttercup's arm.

“No, you can't keep fighting! You'll just hurt yourself more!” Blossom kept her eyes on the now advancing robot. It fired a volley of missiles toward them, as its tentacles all went rigid and pointed at them. The tips began to sparkle. Blossom grit her teeth.

“Girls get down!” Blossom glanced to the side. Bubbles and Buttercup were still arguing. Looking back, Blossom gasped and quickly tackled her sisters, knocking all three of them out of the air. The missiles exploded across town, while the tentacles fired thin lasers that swept through the streets. Blossom looked up and narrowed her eyes.

“You two stay down here,” Bubbles and Buttercup looked at her like she was crazy.

“What?!” Buttercup screamed.

“You can't beat it by yourself Blossom!” Bubbles whispered, staring up from their hiding spot. Blossom stood up and floated into the air.

“Buttercup can't fight and you need to make sure she doesn't get hurt. I'll be fine, don't worry!” Without waiting for further argument, Blossom flew back into the fray. She sprayed her heat rays through the sky, taking out the next volley of missiles. Without stopping she zipped around and in between the lasers fired by the tentacles. She looped around and flew higher into the air, diving bombing down at the robot. Whisking in and out of lasers, tentacles and missiles, Blossom reached the cockpit and slammed her fist against it with all her might. She rocketed off and tumbled through the sky. Blazing pain shot through her arm. Ironically, the same arm that was injured in the first battle with the same robot.

“Ow! No way! I can't punch through that glass?! Oh no...” Blossom screamed and flew down faster. The robot proceeded to fire duranium saw blades from its chest, blades that sliced through everything in their path. Blossom came to a halt and stared up a the mechanical monster. She looked around and found her sisters, still safe where she'd left them. The pink puff nodded and flew back into the fight.

“She's crazy! She needs out help! Ugh!” Buttercup fell to her knees after trying to get up too fast. Bubbles pulled her back into hiding, wiping her eyes and watching Blossom.

“I know but...but I can't let you get hurt more! Sh-She told us to stay here!” Buttercup growled and pushed Bubbles away, sitting up. Had she the strength, she'd have openly defied Blossom's orders. That was her job, afterall, to ignore Blossom when she was being stupid or selfish. Buttercup winced and leaned against Bubbles. Right now, she wasn't sure which it was, stupid or selfish. Buttercup looked up when Bubbles screamed. Blossom was falling to the ground; she hit and smashed through a manhole cover. The sisters screamed.

“No Blossom!” Buttercup cried, jumping to her feet and ignoring the searing pain. Bubbles got to her feet and stared up at the robot, now coming toward them.

“Blossom! Please be okay! B-Buttercup we have to help!” Buttercup and Bubbles flew into the air, the former using all of her willpower to stay in motion. The robot's full assault fell on them. Buttercup and Bubbles put their mitts together and fired out beams of their signature color, creating a vastly smaller version of the Mega Blast.

“I hope this works!”

“Me too!” The glittering blue and green sphere of light exploded and showered energy on the Robo Jojo. It began to absorb the energy. All of its other attacks came to an abrupt halt. It sparked as the energy built up inside it. Bubbles and Buttercup hovered, staring helplessly at the robot's chest cannon, glittering brightly.

The ground exploded and a streak of pink light flew out and crashed into the robot's back. The robot stumbled forward, jerking wildly around. Its arms flailed haphazardly, the tentacles writhed as if a seizure was rocking the robot's body. Bolts of electrical energy began to crackle around it, sparking along its skin and pouring from its every joint. The cannon in the chest suddenly exploded and the robot tumbled over, going down in a shower of sparks and fire.

When the fireworks finally died down, Bubbles and Buttercup flew down. The remains began to shift around, and a mitt broke through the shrapnel. Blossom sat up, panting and badly cut up, but still alive. She smiled and looked up at her sisters with a weak laugh.

“Hey...sorry I...was late...” Blossom sighed and fell back against the metal. She cringed and threw a sharp piece out from beneath her. “Ow...that hurts...” Buttercup and Bubbles stared in shock, then laughed. At first giggles, but then hysterical peals of laughter. Blossom smiled and closed her eyes, sighing. She cracked them open, watching black smoke began to rise up from the robot. Bubbles and Buttercup hadn't noticed...she was glad they didn't. A pair of evil burning eyes appeared in the smoke and locked with hers. Blossom blushed. The smoke faded away, and Blossom gasped when she heard a voice whisper.

“Congratulations, Red Child, you've passed the second trial,”


Aku watched with a devious, almost proud grin. The Red Child had seen the robot's weak spot, the place where Aku himself had escaped from within it. A patch of regular metal that had covered the hole in its back. He watched as she broke inside and rubbed her hands together. His grin grew wider while watching the lightning pouring from her hands and shorting out the robot's power cells. He narrowed his eyes and walked toward the vision.

The other two hadn't noticed him, but she had. He stared into her eyes. They were tired and afraid...but also something else. Her face turned pink when she saw him. It she was trying not to smile. Aku felt he was resisting the same urge. Lowering his voice, he projected it to her and her alone. She gasped when she heard him.

“Congratulations, Red Child, you've passed the second trial,” The vision cleared, but Aku kept staring at that spot. The robot had almost proved too much for the Powerpuff Girls to beat. Much like the creature from the day before. But in a pinch...the Red Child had found a solution, she'd seen a weakness where one shouldn't exist. He stroked his goatee, walking to the other end of the Pit of Hate.

“They are formidable opponents...but this one, she is something more...” In the flames of the Pit of Hate, he could see her face. Strange, he mused...he wasn't conjuring a vision.
Chapter 6: Mechanized Nightmare of Evil

So here's a fight scene chapter that I've been wanting to write since Chapter 1. Huzzah.

Okay now there are a lot of things that, by this point, may be grating on some nerves. One may be the Bloss-Tinted Camera this story is written in.

Tough, the story is about Blossom and Aku primarily. Bubbles and Buttercup become more prominent when their storyline begins to unfold later on. The next chapter is where that storyline will enter preliminary stages.

One may be how slow the gushy lolicon romance is developing. Again, tough, this is a development story of how they could possibly, in one instance, come together. So sorry if the "What is this Feeling?" is getting annoying.

But Aku is evil incarnate, so odds are he isn't familiar with a concept called "love". And Blossom is six and just a little sexually precocious (not in the show, but in this story). So she's obviously got some emotional grasping to do.

Um what else...oh right, foreshadowing. I like it, it's subtle, if you've started to figure it out, good for you! If not, that's perfectly fine.

Anything else I forgot...I don't think so. Next chapter is going to be bigger than this one I think.

Also sorry about whining, I'm getting over that and it'll be a month or two before it comes back.

Edit: Right I remember the last annoyance. Why doesn't Aku just destroy them? Aku is intrigued...they have his power in them after all. He's also infatuated, but he doesn't know it.
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konohanbi14 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student General Artist
yup so aku has a love feeling for blossom,but she is to little but has dreams of him.
DuckxDuck Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Student General Artist
*sigh* Romance.... :iconawwloveplz:
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It's great that you're doing all right. RECOVERY! AH, AAAH!!!! (Sorry.)

I'm glad you made the wise choice and actually made a fanfic, with a story. Most people don't really make an actual story. They write...3 or 4 chapters where the person sees the other person, the person falls in love with the other person and the same goes for Julio, the people kiss, the end. No action. No development. No questioning.

THAT'S WHY I LOVE THIS. IT HAS SUBSTANCE. Gradually following up to the lovey dovey scene...then BAM! Action ensues. And then it makes the story even better than it did before. YEY IM DONE NOW.

Sorry it took so long to read this. Just had some school shit to deal with.
teacupballerina Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Student General Artist
Wow, it's good to see you're feeling better :) I was getting a bit worried, I have to admit. :3

Okay. Everything leading to the fight was utter cuteness. Seriously, this is getting REALLY interesting. It was interesting before, but stuff is unfolding. :p

Then the fight scene was awesome. I loved the end of it, where Blossom suddenly shot from the ground and into the weak point. Good god.

Oh and your pondering and grinning and gloating. We love you so much :heart:

To be honest I think those points you mentioned are fine. Obviously, neither of them would be keen on the idea of romance, for many reasons. It would take time for them to realize any amorous feelings, especially Aku. Despite her intelligence Blossom doesn't know any better, but I imagine Aku would freak :XD:

TLDR; Another freakin' sweet chapter. Can't wait for the next! :heart:
SkylertTH Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
Horay! You've updated :D Good to see you out of that funk dude, this chapter was one of the best so far. Still not as epic as the last fight you wrote though. But it was pretty epic =). Seeya on MSN if you get on :P
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