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Endless Possibilities

Author's Note: Let the games begin. I'd like to preface this chapter by saying I don't remember what is taught in Kindergarten. But based on certain episodes, it seems like the Pokey Oaks students are being taught at least basic multiplication/division.

Chapter 9


Bubbles and Buttercup flew into class just minutes before it was time to start. The Utonium crew was running a bit behind, largely due to insecurities on the part of the last third of their triumvirate. The sisters sat at their typical table, watching the door curiously. Robin Schneider, their best friend, leaned over when—after a few moments—no one else entered.

“Hey girls! Is Blossom okay?” Buttercup leaned closer to Robin. She was about to whisper, but became aware of just how many people were looking at her. Buttercup sighed and sat up.

“Yeah she's not hurt...she should be in soon...” There was a simultaneous sigh of relief through the classroom. The questions started pouring in, faster than Bubbles and Buttercup could respond to. Buttercup sighed and narrowed her eyes.

“SHUT UP!” Everyone in the room fell silent. Buttercup beamed at Bubbles, who giggled in response. Robin snickered and opened her mouth to speak, but right at that moment Ms. Keane walked in with Blossom. Every eye in the room turned toward the front of the room. Blossom froze and quickly lowered her eyes, staring at the floor shamefully. She hesitated, but started to open her mouth. That was when the kids in the room started clapping, which was in turned join by cheering.

Blossom turned dark red and slowly smiled, giggling sheepishly. Blossom looked up and looked at her classmates. She slowly began hovering to her seat, grinning brightly by the time she sat down.

“You're awesome!” Blossom looked up with an incredulous smile at Mitch, who flashed her a thumbs up. She looked at her sisters and laughed gratefully. Ms. Keane smiled brightly at the front of the room, clapping her hands as the cheering died down.

“That's very nice of you all! We are all very proud of Blossom, but we also have a lot to learn today! Let's get started,” Ms. Keane turned around and began writing on the board. Blossom opened her notebook, glancing to the side. Robin waved and also flashed her a thumbs up. Blossom smiled and waved her mitt. Almost instantly her fears and insecurities were gone. Blossom suddenly felt overwhelmingly happy.

“Now before...” Ms. Keane trailed off, hearing an incessant knocking at the door. Something about it seemed eerily familiar. “Just one moment class,” The teacher approached the door while the students began talking. For some strange reason, she felt an odd sense of trepidation just reaching for the door knob. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Slowly she snatched the door and carefully turned it, pulling the door open.

“Good Morning Ms. Keane,” Ms. Keane's expression fell and she tried as hard as she could to avoid groaning out loud. There, on the other end of the doorway, was the gray trenchcoat clad truant officer, Jack Wednesday. The officer didn't look any happier about seeing Ms. Keane than she was to see him. He cleared his throat and put his hands in his pockets.

“Good Morning...Mr. what do I owe the, um, pleasure?” The officer kept his distance, looking down at the teacher's hands to assure she wasn't in possession of a dodge ball or any other method of bludgeoning him behind his back. Seeing that she was unarmed, he cleared his throat once more and stood up straight.

“To what do you owe the pleasure? I'll tell you. I come to you with new students, students in need of an education. The education they are in need of is one that only you can provide. Were this under different circumstances, I would take them to a juvenile correctional institute instead, but there would be no way of ensuring that they would remain there. You; however, are in possession of the necessary tool to keep them under control. What is that tool you ask? It's not so much a tool as it is a group of people. That group of people being the Powerpuff Girls,” Ms. Keane blinked and tried to look around Officer Wednesday to see who he was talking about.

“Um...who would that...” Officer Wednesday, true to form, cut her off.

“Who have I brought to you in need of your educational services? You'll see shortly enough, believe you me. That said I have to say you that this will be the greatest challenge in your educational career. If that is what you wish to call your chosen path in life. Take care of them, and be careful,” Jack turned and walked away. Ms. Keane glared fiercely at him as he retreated.

“Hey! Lady!” The teacher froze in horror and slowly looked down, spotting her new students. Her horror-struck expression slowly became a sheepish smile. She laughed nervously.

“Oh well...hello boys...I guess you''re the new students...huh?” The boys grinned and the one in the lead crossed his arms.

“Yeah! We're here to learn, so teach us!” Ms. Keane giggled nervously again and led the boys inside. She swallowed hard and lightly clapped her hands. The class looked up with bright, cheerful smiles. Ms. Keane began sweating and laughed nervously again.

“W...Well class, it seems like we have new students today. So I would um...I would like you to uh...please give a warm welcome” The boys walked in and stood in front of the class. Everyone in the room gasped and the Powerpuff Girls jumped to their feet.

“No way!” Blossom exclaimed.

“Not them!” Buttercup shouted.

“The Rowdyruff Boys?!” Bubbles cried. The boys grinned and crossed their arms. Ms. Keane swallowed and sighed. She calmly motioned for the girls to sit back down. The girls stared at her in shock, but heeded the warning and took their seats.

“These are the Rowdyruff Boys...I'd like you to meet Boomer,” Boomer laughed absentmindedly and waved.

“Hi everyone!” Ms. Keane smiled nervously.

“Um...and Butch,” Butch stood at the front of the room, twitching and bouncing hyper actively. Ms. Keane sighed and scratched the back of her neck.

“And...Brick,” Brick chuckled and waved, an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Wassup?” The class stared in horror at the boys. Ms. Keane gestured for the boys to take a seat. Every eye followed them as the boys sat down. The Powerpuff Girls, in particular, kept a careful watch on the boys. Ms. Keane turned around and faced the chalkboard. It was going to be one of those days, she could just tell. She sighed and returned to the lesson.

“Like I was saying before...”


Shockingly, the Rowdyruff Boys had proved only a minor distraction to the class. The bulk of that distraction came in the form of a paralyzing fear that they were on the verge of attacking everyone. But by the time the students got to their math time, the boys had avoided getting into trouble. For the most part, they'd stayed quiet.

'What in the world happened to them?' Blossom thought, once again peering at her villainous counterpart. Brick happened to glance back at her. Blossom quickly blushed and faced the front of the room. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Brick laughing and became more flustered. Thankfully, it was time for math, one of her favorite subjects—ignoring that nearly every subject was her favorite.

“Now we're just going to do some review problems today. It seems a lot of you struggled with our last test, and I wouldn't feel comfortable moving on until you're all ready,” The class as a whole groaned, except for Blossom who just beamed. Review was her time to shine. She sat up straight and got her pencil ready. To her side, she noticed Buttercup rolling her eyes, and her Bubbles giggle in agreement. Blossom flushed and narrowed her eyes, but kept her gaze forward. They could tease her enthusiasm all they wanted. They were just jealous, she thought with a smirk.

“First, let's try something easy. Two times two, does anyone know the answer?” Like always, Blossom's hand shot up excitedly. Ms. Keane noticed, giving Blossom the usual subtle smile. The teacher tapped her lip, waiting for more hands to go up. She sighed, putting her hands on her hips.

“Now class, remember what we've discussed. Someone other than Blossom has to participate. Does anyone else have an answer?” Looks were traded, and steadily a few hands went up. Ms. Keane swelled with pride, pointing towards a student near the back, “Yes, Michael? Can you tell me what two times two is?” The student swallowed nervously and looked down at his paper, biting his lip.

“I think it's four, Ms. Keane,” Ms. Keane nodded and wrote the answer on the board.

“Very good, Michael! Now does everyone know how he got that? We have two sets of the number two. That is the same as two plus two, which is four,” The class nodded, most taking notes. Buttercup was paying extra attention; the green puff was tired of her sisters teasing her for her bad grades in math. At the Rowdyruff Boys table, none of the three seemed terribly interested. Blossom glared at them, growing increasingly angry as they mocked and joked quietly amongst themselves.

Her irritation was abated when, finally, Ms. Keane asked a question that stumped the rest of the class. After several tense moments of no activity, Blossom's hand shot into the air, a bright grin on her face. Ms. Keane looked around expectantly, but finally smiled at Blossom and gestured toward her.

“Alright, it looks like no one else knows. Can you tell me what four times three is, Blossom?” she asked as a formality. Blossom nodded and stood up.

“Eight!” A voice called out, before she had a chance to answer. Blossom balked and turned to Brick with an incredulous glare.

“What? No that's not right! It's twelve!” she retorted, putting her hands on her hips. Brick leered back at her with a cheeky grin. Ms. Keane cleared her throat, getting the class's attention once more.

“Yes, Blossom is correct. Three groups of four is four plus four plus four, equaling twelve,” She turned to Brick with a polite smile, “Brick you've been very good today, but please raise your hand and wait to be called on when you think you know the answer,” Brick snickered and nodded.

“Oh alright. I forgot,” His response was overly nice, fooling neither the Powerpuff Girls nor the teacher. Still, Ms. Keane offered him a thankful smile.

“That's alright. Now...since we seem to be having trouble with our four tables, we're going to keep practicing. Does anyone know four times five?” Like usual, Blossom's hand shot up. The rest of the class remained rooted in place. Ms. Keane glanced at the clock and, seeing that time was running out, decided to let her star pupil shine for the last five or so minutes.

“Alright Blossom, please tell us the answer,” She asked.

“Fourteen!” A voice called out, just as Blossom's mouth opened. Blossom whipped around, clenching her fists tightly while giving Brick the proverbial death glare. Brick just grinned back at her.

“It's twenty!” Ms. Keane swallowed, fearing that a super-powered brawl was brewing. And only halfway into the school day. She cleared her throat, having to clap her hands to get every eye back on her.

“That's correct, Blossom. Brick, please raise your hand when you want to answer!” Brick just snickered again trading mischievous looks with his brothers.

“Oops, guess I got excited,” Blossom groaned out loud and sat back in her seat. Ms. Keane sighed and gave Brick a stern look. The red-eyed ruff just grinned back and returned to talking to his brothers. Ms. Keane wrote a new problem on the board, biting her tongue and changing it around. She turned with a bright smile, ignoring the flabbergasted looks on her student's faces.

“Now can anyone find the answer to this problem? And once you find the answer, please tell me the digital sum!” The class just stared blankly, while at the back of the room frantic scribbling could be heard. Written on the board was the most confusing jumble of symbols and numbers most of the students had ever encountered.

(9^62773 + 2)^83721

“Um...Ms. Keane...what does that thingie mean?” Mike Believe asked, pointing at the exponent symbol. Ms. Keane smiled and waved her hand.

“That is a caret, Mike, and it designates a power,” Mike put his hand down and just stared blankly. He, like most of the class, had no idea what that meant. Everyone had begun to slowly look to the back of the room, where Blossom was scribbling in her notes. She paused and tapped her chin with her pencil, then quickly wrote a bit more, a smile spreading across her lips. Her hand shot into the air. Ms. Keane giggled and looked at the pink Powerpuff with a wry smirk.

“Yes, Blossom, you know the answer?” Blossom cleared her throat and brushed the eraser shavings from her paper.

“One million!” Blossom's pencil snapped in her hand, the two ends falling to the floor with disturbing volume. She glared, her cheeks bright red, and her teeth grinding together, at the red Rowdyruff Boy laughing wildly across from her. She slammed her paper down on the desk and swallowed with a tremendous effort. Ms. Keane's breath caught in her throat and a shiver of fear ran down her spine.

“You're just yelling random numbers! The answer is two!” The class blinked and all turned to Ms. Keane who was sweating now. She nervously clapped her hands, numbly and weakly while trying to balance the swell of pride she felt with the utter horror she suddenly possessed. Somehow knowing that she had never before witnessed the girls' true power...she worried that anything could set Blossom off in her still damaged state.

“That is correct did you solve the problem so quickly?” Ms. Keane stiffly walked to the desk and picked up Blossom's paper, reading through her surprisingly neat handwriting. Blossom sat down, still glaring at Brick, who was just laughing even harder. Blossom clenched her fists and lowered her head.

“It wasn't that hard...I just used a logarithm...” Ms. Keane nodded, setting the paper back down. She returned to the front of the room, not without giving Brick the harshest glare she could muster. As always, the Rowdyruff Boy was completely unfazed. She sighed and looked at the clock. There was just enough time for one last problem before recess.

“Alright, here is the last review problem. This was the one most of you missed, so pay very close attention! What is...six times three?” As usual, the first hand up was Blossom's. Ms. Keane could tell that the class's attention was waning, they were ready for their play time. So, to keep the day moving, she called on Blossom immediately.

“Yes Blossom?”

“Eighteen!” Ms. Keane blinked and slowly looked at Brick, who was grinning smugly at Blossom. The Kindergarten teacher turned to the auburn-haired heroine, who seemed shocked. Ms. Keane nodded, writing the answer on the board.

“Why...yes...that's correct, Brick,” The bell rang just as she finished writing the answer. The class erupted in cheers, a stampede of students making their way to the playground. Ms. Keane sat at her desk and watched the Rowdyruff Boys closely. While Bubbles and Buttercup were quick to escape, Blossom stayed at her desk, trembling with rage and embarrassment. Ms. Keane sat down next to her and started to console the little girl.


On the playground, the students had divided and conquered the empty blacktop. Bubbles, Mike, and Robin had retreated to a corner to draw on the blacktop. Buttercup had joined with Harry, Mitch, and a collection of nameless targets had joined in their favorite pastime of knocking each other out with red rubber balls. Typically speaking, the day was good and fun. A new variable had been applied to the equation, in the form of the Rowdyruff Boys.

“Man I'm bored...” Butch complained, sitting to the side. Brick stood next to him, trying to peak into the window subtly. He snickered and giggled, pleased with just how upset he had made his counterpart.

“Uh...why are we just sitting here?” Boomer asked, sitting on Brick's other side, watching the other kids play enviously. Butch shrugged and pointed at Brick.

“I dunno, he didn't tell us what to do,” Boomer looked at Brick and shrugged, climbing to his feet.

“Well then I'm gonna go play!” Boomer ran off, leaving Butch in shock. Butch jumped to his feet and looked at Brick, then back at the crowd of kids playing and having fun. Brick was still wallowing in Blossom's displeasure. Butch swallowed and looked around in discomfort.

“Uh...hey! Brick, what game are we gonna play?” Brick waved his arm, glaring at Butch.

“Dude, get lost I'm winning here!” Butch frowned, blinking and twitching when a ball beamed him in the back of the head. Butch looked down and saw the ball. He turned around and saw the kids playing dodgeball. He slowly picked up the ball and stared in awe at the game. Butch twitched violently, his entire head jerking to the side.

“Hey! Butch give us our ball back!” Someone yelled from the group. A twisted grin spread across Butch's face. He twitched again, his entire body jerking. Butch watched another kid get pegged in the face, and his tongue fell out of his mouth.

“W...W...W...W...What are they playing?” He asked, turning around to Brick. Brick glared at Butch and peaked out at the group.

“They're playing dodgeball, stupid!” Butch began to twitch wildly and uncontrollably. He bounced in place, holding the ball tighter and tighter.

“Dodgeball! Dodgeball! Dodgeball!” Butch shot into the fray, hurtling the ball at a dangerous speed. It clubbed Mitch in the head, knocking the school bully across the playground with a painful schlock! Everyone gasped and turned, staring at the maniacally laughing, crazy green ruff. Buttercup narrowed her eyes and hurled a ball at Butch, who just caught it with a grin.

“Hey! Quit ruining our game you jerk!” Butch snickered and chucked the ball at Harry, taking him out in a painful spiral. Buttercup growled and snatched the nearest ball, “Sorry Elmer, I'm gonna take care of this jerk,” Elmer nodded and everyone began to back away nervously. Butch spun around laughing and watching them retreat. His spinning brought him back to face Buttercup. He twitched and snickered, launching himself at her.

At the other end of the playground, Bubbles was happily drawing a unicorn. Still, her attention was diverted and every so often she glanced back at the school building. Sitting a few feet away, working on a dragon, Robin watched Bubbles worriedly.

“Is Blossom going to be alright? She didn't come out for recess,” Mike looked up from his clown and nodded.

“Yeah, she was getting really mad. I was kind of scared...” All three laughed sheepishly, at what in particular they couldn't decide. Bubbles nodded and began to color in her unicorn.

“She'll be alright, Blossom's tough. She's just so upset about yesterday and she's tryin' to not let anyone know,” The two closest friends of the Powerpuff Girls nodded. As much as she was trying to act normal, everyone in class had noticed Blossom's sudden dip in confidence and vigor. Robin and Mike looked at each other. Both had been avoiding the question over the last couple days, but it had reached a nagging point that neither could ignore. Finally, the braver of the two spoke up.

“Hey Bubbles...what happened to that giant monster that...beat you girls?” Robin asked. Bubbles paused and bit her lip. Her friends were worried they had upset her, but soon she was smiling again. Bubbles shrugged and started to draw a rainbow.

“He's hidin' from us or something. He made Fuzzy go crazy, made that big robot attack us, and I think Princess got that black suit from him!” Mike gasped and Robin looked up at the blue sky, recalling every detail about the giant black monster. She had never, in all the time she lived in Townsville, seen her best friends beaten so badly.

“That's scary! What are...what are you gonna do about him?” Mike asked, crossing his legs and setting down his chalk. Bubbles tapped her lip. That was a question they had avoided. She and Buttercup that is; the two assumed Blossom knew the answer and was just waiting to tell them. Before the conversation could continue, someone stepped on Robin's dragon and began laughing. The three glared at Boomer, who was pointing at Bubbles' unicorn.

“Your horse looks so stupid!” Bubbles huffed and glared back at her drawing. She crossed her arms and turned to Boomer with a haughty look.

“It's a unicorn,” Boomer stopped laughing and tapped his chin. He snickered and pointed again, laughing once more.

“Your unicorn looks so stupid!” Bubbles started to retort, but Boomer quickly grabbed a piece of red chalk and started drawing over Bubbles' picture. Bubbles gasped.

“My drawings!” She cried, trying to push Boomer away. Boomer sat back and wiped his face, getting chalk dust in his hair and leaving a streak of red across his cheeks.

“That looks better!” Bubbles stared in horror. Boomer had redrawn her unicorn so that it was being attacked by a monster. Boomer laughed, then yelped when a stick of chalk smacked him in the forehead.


The girls sat in the backseat of Ms. Keane's car, each wearing a scowl of varying intensity. Bubbles was staring out the window, covered in chalk marks and a few scrapes. Buttercup had a bruised cheek and, though it couldn't be seen, a throbbing red spot on her stomach. Blossom sat in the middle, arms crossed, and an angry flush still lingering on her cheeks and small bags under her eyes.

Brick had absolutely refused to let her enjoy her nap time following recess. Waiting until she was starting to drift off to scare her, tickle her, and do anything else imaginable to keep her awake. Even moving him across the room hadn't stopped him. And the class time afterward proceeded just like it had prior to recess. Once the last bell rang, all three puffs were ready to fly into a fury. Fortunately, Ms. Keane had promised to deal with the boys. And so the girls were waiting for their surrogate matriarch to return. After nearly an hour of waiting, the worn out teacher climbed into the car, sighing and resting her head against the steering wheel.

“How are you girls feeling now?” Her question was met with silence. Ms. Keane turned around, offering a sympathetic smile, “I've written a note to Mr. Wednesday to take care of the boys and I have warned them that this behavior won't be tolerated any more,” Ms. Keane's small smile faded, as the girls continued glaring off into space. She sighed and started the car, starting toward home at a leisurely pace.

“Girls, please talk to me. I understand that the boys were mean to you today, but that's no excuse to be so grumpy,” The girls looked at each other and sighed in unison, losing their scowls and assuming far more meek expressions.

“You're right, Ms. Keane, we're sorry...” Blossom said with a loud yawn. She quickly stifled it and sat back sleepily. Her teacher wasn't surprised, it was no secret that the redhead needed her nap time. Buttercup lifted her dress and daintily rubbed the red spot on her stomach. She hissed and pushed her dress down, glaring at the window.

“Those jerks just had to ruin everything! Why did you let them come to class?” Ms. Keane glanced into the rear-view mirror, her eyes fluttering back to the road.

“It wasn't my choice. Mr. Wednesday was just doing his job,” Buttercup huffed, wincing and regretting it. None of the three were satisfied with the answer, even if it was the only correct answer. Bubbles sniffed and stared at her faint reflection in the window. She tried cleaning the chalk off her face.

“They got in trouble though...right?” Ms. Keane nodded, once more glancing in the rear-view mirror.

“Yes, they'll be staying in at recess tomorrow so that I can explain proper classroom behavior to them. Don't worry girls...I trust you this time, and I'm on your side,” The girls nodded. Ms. Keane could swear she saw slight hurt in their expressions. Last time she had let Ace dupe her, but she wasn't about to fall for that again. She did trust the girls.

“It'll be alright girls, I promise,” Ms. Keane said, offering them a reflected smile. The girls smiled in return.

“We know Ms. Keane, we trust you too,” Bubbles replied. Her heart fluttered and a tear formed in the pit of her eye. Ms. Keane giggled softly, gently wiping it away. She caught a glimpse of something in the distance. Looking out, careful to avoid detection by the girls, she got a faint glance of the structure. Her blood ran cold. It was a massive statue of Aku, built near the Morebucks mansion.


He smiled wickedly to himself, watching the visions floating around him. Yes, his investment in those children had proven useful. They would provide the ultimate distraction...allowing him to work on what truly mattered.

“Wicked have stirred up strong feelings in these girls. Show me their fullest power, as only you can,” Aku's voice carried heavily through the twisted Pit of Hate. He rose from his throne and approached the vision, watching the Red Boy torment the Red Child, keeping her awake. Though he found great pleasure in seeing her so miserable, he felt an inexplicable rage budding. She was a beautiful creature, her cheeks flushed with emotion. Knowing that the Red Boy was the cause of her emotion; however, caused his fists to clench and his chest to sting horribly.

“Red Child, you are...the most incredible being that I, the great Aku, have ever laid eyes possess unmatched power,” A vision of Blossom beating down Princess appeared to his left. More visions flooded the air around him. Blossom battling Aku to save Bubbles. Blossom leading the attack against Fuzzy Lumpkins. Blossom fighting the giant robot alone.

“Superhuman intelligence...” Earlier that day, Aku had been absolutely dazzled by the child's powerful mind. She was so young, and yet had answered such an advanced problem like it was nothing. She had solved the mystery of how to defeat the super-powered robot.

“And unbreakable willpower...” Every image changed, displaying a different scene from Blossom's fight with Princess. The evil child burning through the heroine's back. The evil child shocking her until she wet herself. The evil child pinning her to the ground, twisting her nipples until it seemed she would rip them off. Through all of these things, Aku was continuously shown that the Red Child was an amazing, precious person.

“I must know you...I must have you. You could you will be my greatest servant, my ultimate weapon. With you by my side...I would be unstoppable,” The visions faded to become a single image. Blossom was alone at home, curled up in bed and taking the nap she hadn't been allowed before. Aku sat back in his chair, feeling a not entirely unpleasant warmness in him. His chest felt strange, and his face


Blossom lay curled up in bed, a small content smile on her face. She snuggled deeper beneath the blankets, hugging her pillow tightly. At first, her sleep was dreamless. A pleasant, comforting darkness that just revitalized her tired mind. Blossom moaned and stretched, rolling over and rubbing her stomach.

Blossom stood naked over Princess, who lay broken and defeated at her feet. She watched the dark cloud now rising from Princess' body, holding her breath and waiting for it to fade away. But this time, the darkness didn't fade, it began to spread. Blossom gasped and took a step back, looking around. There was no crowd coming to save her, no sisters rushing to her side. Blossom's blood raced and her heart began to pound. She bit her lip and looked up at the growing cloud of darkness. She wanted to be afraid...but moreso she felt...excited.

The darkness consumed everything, until Blossom was standing alone in a field of black. She gasped, feeling a cold finger trail across her back. Blossom stood, paralyzed and shuddering. Malicious fingers caressed her hair, smoothing out the tangles and singed ends. She cooed softly, afraid to turn and look, excited by the prospect that she couldn't see him. She bit her lip harder when she felt his tail brush against her feet.

Blossom closed her eyes and held her breath as the chilly coil wrapped around her body, cutting her bare skin off from the whistling wind. She swallowed hard, breaking out into a sweat. Blossom opened her eyes, finally, and looked up. There was the serpent's head, looking down at her with evil red eyes. She gasped as he tightened around her, slowly lowering his face to hers. Blossom felt a sharp sting as blood began to stream down her cheek. Aku's fiery eyebrows crackled in the cold air.

Blossom shivered, she could feel his cool skin against her legs, soothingly pressing against her searing, sore chest. Aku's face was inches from hers now. She smiled softly, exhaling weakly when his hot breath blew in her face.

“You cannot hope to defeat Aku, child,” Blossom giggled, squealing as his tongue tickled the blood from her cheek. She opened her eyes and gasped as the darkness began to close in on her.

Blossom bit her lip, pulling the twisted blankets even tighter around her. She giggled and moaned, ignorant of the startling lack of light in the room. In the rocking chair sitting in the corner, a pair of flaming eyes watched her devoutly, holding his chest.
Chapter 9: The Obsessions of Evil

The plot

Has finally


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