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Happy Ending

I always hated it when you guys fought. When I was little...yeah a big part of it was just trying to keep everyone happy. But, that wasn't the only reason. When you guys fought, I could see...things. Things I didn't believe were real then; things I have trouble believing are real now. I never told either of you about it because I didn't want to worry you. I didn't want you to tell me I was crazy. Or...or worse, I didn't want you to tell me I was right.

When you guys fight, I see...possibilities. It's why I always try to keep you happy. It's why I try so hard to be the joy and laughter in our lives. I can see so many possibilities, and the ones where I fail to stop you, those are the ones that I couldn't bare to be true.

I've seen you scarred, Buttercup. Scarred so bad, and hated by the rest of the world. I've seen how you turned away from us. How you hated her so much. I watched you kill me, and I watched you try to kill her. That can't be true. I can't let it ever come to that. You're the toughest fighter, but you aren't a villain.

And you...Blossom, I've seen you become something else entirely. I've seen your heart go astray, twisted and colored by an intoxicating darkness. I've watched you wallow in selfishness and hatred. I've watched you burn the world to the ground. And I know that can't be right. You're our leader, but you aren't a tyrant.

I know you guys love each other. I see it in every inside joke that I don't get. I see it in the way you rough house and play games without inviting me, games I wouldn't want to play anyway. But, I've seen the truth, so many times. That love so easily becomes hate. And when it does...nothing can stop it. You'll destroy the world to destroy each other.

That's why I hate it when you guys fight. I've seen so many possibilities. I've seen so many fights and so much bloodshed. I know what happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immoveable Object. I'm trying so hard to still smile. I'm trying so hard to be brave. I'm trying...with everything I am, to find a possibility where I don't have to face the answer to that question. It has to be out there somewhere.

There has to be a happy ending.
She always hated it when they fought, though she never told them why. Bubbles POV
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July 5, 2015


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