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Quiet Time

Bubbles sighed, resting her chin on her hands, lazily kicking her feet and staring at the television. She just couldn't get into the show no matter how hard she tried. She glanced back at the couch, at the source of her distraction.

Blossom was lying back on the couch, hair spilling over her shoulders carelessly, a slender finger touching her lips as her half-lidded, rose-colored eyes trailed back and forth aross the latest page of the book she was engrossed in. It was a warm day, and the Powerpuff leader was dressed in a simple yellow sun dress, bare feet digging into the cushions so her knees could support her book. Her dress slid up her legs, revealing her soft thighs, and just a hint of the pink panties she'd chosen.

Bubbles' face was on fire and her mouth ran dry as she tore her eyes away and back to the screen.  Biting her lip, she kicked her leg a little further back, her toes grazing gently across Blossom's leg. She felt her sister jump slightly. A little smile spread across Bubbles lips as she caressed her sister's leg once more. She jumped again. Bubbles' grin quickly faded when she heard Blossom sigh in frustration. The blue-eyed puff pouted in defeat as her sister stretched her legs out, now well out of teasing range.

The blonde sat up on her haunches, staring at the tv and pursing her lips. Her mouth was drier still, and her face was still heated, but now her heart was beating furiously. She turned, crawling to the edge of the couch and staring up at the redhead. The way she was lounging, her dress had fallen down her shoulder, giving Bubbles a perfect view of her neck and collarbone. She bit her lip again, slipping a little closer.

She froze when Blossom gave her a sideways glance, a small, bemused smile on her lips.

"Can I help you?" she asked, in that same wry, somewhat egotistical tone the blonde had become so fond of. When Bubbles just shook her head, a grin slowly spreading across her face, Blossom raised an eyebrow and nervously turned a page of her book, "O...kay..."

As soon as her gaze drifted away, Bubbles leaned a bit closer, as if in a trance. Blossom jumped when she slid her hand across her stomach, and a fiery red color rose up to her cheeks.

"H-hey, what are you-EEP!" Blossom squeaked, her hand flying to her mouth when it happened. Bubbles hot lips pressed against her shoulder, slowly smothering her collarbone in soft kisses and playful nibbling. "B-Buhuubbles...h-hey, st-stop, ah!" a moan rushed from her lips.

Bubbles' hand slid higher along her side, her thumb just grazing the outline of her breast. Bubbles moaned and deepened the hot, wet kiss on her neck, breaking only long enough to say, "I couldn't help myself..." in an breathless voice.

The leader's toes clenched, digging into the sofa cushions, and her knees slid back up. Blossom tried to keep a hold on her book, while also covering her mouth to muffle the yips and moans she couldn't hold back.

"I w-was r-re...reading...." Blossom groaned, eyes rolling back when the hand already teasing her chest slid higher, massaging her perky little breast as her thumb teased her rock hard nub.

"And I was bored," Bubbles teased, pressing another hot kiss against her sister's collar, "And you just looked so...tasty..." Her other hand was finding its way around her shoulders, walking one finger at a time across her back. Her sister's hand slid away, revealing her parted lips, panting and eager for more. Bubbles threaded her fingers through her long, gorgeous hair, and began to pull her closer.

Just before she could close the distance, As Blossom reached out to cup Bubbles' cheek, the two heard a door slam and footsteps hurrying down the stairs. Bubbles pulled away, throwing herself back on the floor, chin resting on her hands, feet kicking lazily.

Blossom sat, flustered and flushed, holding her cheeks and staring down at her book. The footsteps turned to the kitchen. They heard the refrigerator open, then close again.

"Sup nerds," Buttercup called as she hurried back up the stairs. Blossom continued to stare at her book, panting heavily.

Bubbles, now smiling to herself, finally found the show on the television somewhat entertaining. Still, though...she couldn't resist. She kicked her feet back a little further, poking her still frozen sister's side. Blossom squeaked and jumped, and Bubbles couldn't resist giggling.
Blossom is trying to read...but, Bubbles is bored and doesn't like being ignored.
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
YES! This was just beautiful. Bubbles is so playful, and the whole interaction between her and Blossom was so...sensual. I love how Blossom's surprised gradually succumbed to her budding arousal...

and then Buttercup ruined the moment in such a very Buttercup way. Lol. :P
AkuBlossom Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
I'm glad you liked it! It's been bugging me ever since you suggested it and I finally got off my bum and wrote it. I think it came out really well :D
Yet-One-More-Idiot Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
I did, I really loved it. :D
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