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So I finally managed to finish Dark Souls, so what better to do then dive headfirst into Dark Souls 2?

My first character was a medium-armor, shield user who relied mostly on swords (though I used a bow and spear for some bosses). This time around, I've created a character inspired by Theresa Goldwin from the book "Dragonera: Chronicle of the Dark One".

Theresa will be a fast, light to medium armor dual-wielder who will specialize in swords. Should be a much tougher, but much more aggressive playthrough.
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Streaming Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition! I’m at the very end, ready to take down the Bridge Drake and kill Gwyn to finally beat this amazing game.

Stop by and say hi, listen to me yell fuck!

Once Gwyn goes down, I'm diving straight into Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, so if you have recommendations for my new character, let me know!
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A lot has happened since my last personal post. The charity stream went really well, so that's a positive!

Work has changed drastically. I'm busier and I'm not, I don't want to get into too many details. The short and sweet of it is I'm making more money but I'm working a lot harder.

My creativity right now is dead. I'm sorry, I can't explain why. But I'm just completely exhausted with just about everything. I don't know if it's my meds or what, but I'm putting just about everything on hold for now while I work through this.

Sorry again >_<
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My wife and I are doing a 12 hour marathon of the new guitar hero to raise money for the Dell Children’s Hospital of Dallas. If you have the time, stop by and check it out. And, if you’re feeling generous, we have a link set up for donations. If you donate even just $5 and are interested in a copy of the game, please give us your name and which copy you’d like. We have 5 copies left to raffle off (2 XBONE and 3 PS4).


Edit: We are now playing Rock Band 4! Stop by to request a song!

Final Edit: Doing this a bit late, but everything went well and we broke our goal of $300 by a substantial amount! Thanks everyone for tuning in and special thanks to those who donated.

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Howdy everyone. A bunch of stuff has happened, but not the least of which was me getting back into game development. And what does this mean? Well, wonderful Powerpuff Girls community, I'm making a little something just for you. I'll be posting some screenshots soon, but I will have the link to the demo (up through the Prologue) available in this journal entry.

The Powerpuff Girls find themselves in a strange world, with most of their powers missing. How did they get there? How do they get home? Why are there Rodents of Unusual Size attacking them? What the heck is EXP? (It's not execution points, I swear.)

I don't intend to charge or anything for this (I mean, I don't own the Powerpuff Girls), but, we'll see how things turn out. If you're interested, feel free to download and give it a try. I'd appreciate any and all feedback if possible. Per my playtesting, and a friend of mine, this prologue should last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Digital Collect Her Edition (Demo):…

You can control the game with your keyboard, mouse, or even a gamepad! This current version is Windows only. If things go well, I'll do a Mac release. If things go really, really well, I'll consider an IOS or Android release too.

Keep an eye out for updates, and let me know what you think below!
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It's a brand new day and I think we've fixed the audio lag. Also, a firmware update came out and my drums are working better than ever.

If you're interested, feel free to join in, if you have requests, we'll see if they're an option and fit them in.

Edit: That was fun, but 5 hours is my limit right now haha. Thanks to anyone who looked this journal entry. We finally got the audio problem fixed, so expect more streaming in the future.
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Hey everyone! Rock Band 4 is out, and with it a new reason for me to stream! I'll be at my drum kit so I won't be able to watch the channel too closely, but I'll check between songs if anyone has any requests.

Feel free to join and watch, I'll be drumming and my wife will be either guitar or vocals!

Edit: Xbone seems to have a delay between the video and the audio. Looking into it.

Yeah there's no way to fix the video/audio delay that xbox is causing. Sorry anyone who wanted to see this.
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For anyone who doesn't know, I work from home. So between calls I'm going to jot down some random thoughts. One, to show that I am still alive, and two because I need to get a bit off my chest.

I've kind of fallen into a slump (but what else is new?) I'm alright at my job, but having a difficult time excelling like I used to. I play some games, but I'm only somewhat into them, and every bit of creativity in me is stuck in limbo.

I'm working on a pretty big project with a friend. If I can ever get my act together and finish it, you should see it hitting the electronic book shelves in the future. I can't go into too many details, but I'm proud of the work we're doing and hope I can get over this flumpy attitude and finish my part.

Rock Band 4 comes out next week. My wife and I will likely be streaming, so if anyone is interested, I'll post a link.

There's a few things I'm trying to work on on the down low, but they don't seem to be going anywhere, likely due to my flumpy mood, so I'm going back to my drawing board and throwing some darts in the dark.

I went through the PPGZ section on and it nearly gave me cancer. I'm sure I'm well outside the age group that is interested in this show, but I feel it never got a chance to have a real, dynamic fanbase. Most of what I find is the same old same old, no variety, no creativity, just...bland sameness. So I'm dusting off Suteki da Ne and I'm going to try to update it regularly until I run out of steam. If you liked it, woohoo, if not, oh well, it's not exactly a big hitter.

That's most of what's on my mind right now. Not a lot, nothing worth talking about. Oh well, this has been my bi-annual journal update. Peace out party people.
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So, I'm still alive. Sorry, doing my usual "Do a bunch of stuff then drop off the face of the earth for months" thing that I do. I know it's annoying, but I appreciate anyone who keeps up for putting up with it.

I finally got some new medicine to fix my head, so yay! I feel a lot better lately. The downside? It makes me ridiculously tired. Like: I never drank coffee until I started taking this medicine. Need the stuff to wake up in the morning. It's terrible, but hey, gotta do what gotta do.

The Good: I got promoted this week! That's right! No longer am I a basic level 1 agent for Telenetwork, Inc. I am now officially a Level 2 agent in training. Basically, I'll be a supervisor when all is said and done. It's a lot more work, for not a lot more pay, but it's upward movement and I am all about that upward movement. Works out pretty well for the friends who helped me land the job too. Only six months and already kicking ass and taking names ;)

So that was exciting. Just found out after being sick for two days. Whoops.

Finally started playing Doom 3. Yeah, I know, I'm really behind the times here. Played Doom 1 off and on over the last year (REALLY BEHIND THE TIMES) and finally finished Episode 3. I know there's a fourth episode, but that shit is just way too hard for me. So fuck that, moved on to Doom 2 and Doom 3. Loving the feel of the third. It's legitimately one of the scariest games I've played. Yeah, power fantasy galore, but the atmosphere and the way it handles surround-sound audio is just fantastic. Very excited about Doom 4 now.

Life is Strange. Finally played through the first three episodes of this game and I AM DEVASTATED. This game is incredible, and I have felt more emotions than I thought I could feel in just a few short hours. It may still be on the Steam summer sale, but I highly, highly recommend picking up this game. The new episode will be out in July, and I plan to set up a schedule for a Let's Play series. So if you don't want to play yourself, be sure to check back for details on that.

So, as far as my writing projects go, for anyone interested, I've adjusted my focus and have settled on five things:


1) Map of the Problematique - You probably saw this one coming. This is still my baby, and it's still my pride and joy. I'm going to finish Dreams of an Absolution soonish. We're very, very near the endgame and there are some really sick twists coming up. If you've been following this one...well let's just say this story isn't out of surprises yet. Every day I get a clearer picture of where it's going and it surprises even me with just how many big moments are still to come.

2) Suteki da Ne - I haven't forgotten, or given up, on this story yet. I love this story, I love this show, shoot me. This will be completed, I swear to god. It's honestly not even a very long story. There are...four more aspects of Akuma to come, along with the final confrontation with Akuma himself. Not to mention the romance between Momoko and Akuma. The seeds have been sown, but it's not blooming yet. Don't worry, though, it'll come and it'll be as adorable as you imagine it might be.

3) Immortals - My newest baby, this is an idea I've worked on for YEARS now, and am finally putting into action. For those who don't know, this is an alternate universe based upon the Super Zeroes episode. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are no longer related, teenagers, and becoming heroes on their own in a much grittier, more comic-book feeling world. There aren't world eaters and planet busters like Map, but you will see car chases, police investigations, mafia-esque crime sprees, and secret government projects galore. This one is only just beginning. I've finished the introductions of the three protagonists and the next chapter will be starting on the first storyline (The Heroes of Townsville - How the three came to be, and how they meet). There will be a lot of emotional twists and turns, lots of action, and even some romance coming pretty soon. So keep an eye on this one: I think it has the makings of something awesome.

Personal Projects:

1) Co-Writing with a Friend - I have a friend who is now officially a published author! He's working on the second and third books in his series, and, being the asshole I am, have offered and been accepted to help him out. We're still going through his second book, but it will be done within the month and expect to see it sometime later this year. I'll keep you posted on more details, but this could be big.

2) The Wicked Willow - Late one night, a young woman wakes up in an abandoned diner. She doesn't have a name, she doesn't know how she got there. As she finds her way out and into the city, her journey through the night will lead her to discovering just who she is, and why she's being followed.

This is a short story that I am working on and...if all goes according to plan...make have published? Let me know if it sounds interesting. I've been working on it for a couple years now and I'm finally putting it to use. Leave a comment if it sounds interesting at all.

That's the gist of what's going on right now. As always, my wife and I are playing Heroes of the Storm, the new hero brawler released by Blizzard just a couple weeks ago. It's amazing fun and free to play, so I encourage anyone even remotely interested to give it a try. And hey, if you wanna hit me up, I'm down to play most days. Akublossom#1812. Just let me know who you are and we can lose some games together!

Have a great one, 
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Stop by if you like to see me flounder in this crazy hard, rogue-like RPG!
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Me and my friends making it rain. Come join us in the Nexus and hear me rage fruitlessly!
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So, yeah. I told Taylor about this, but I'm just going to post it here. If no one notices, that's okay :)

I'm in a pretty damn bad spot of writer's block. So to kind of help it, and get myself some practice, I'm gonna try doing a series of one page one-shots.

So, if anyone wants to help out, here's what I'd like: send me a sentence. Just one sentence. And I'll write a one page story using it. If you want pairings or anything, just let me know. If it's something out of my normal scope of expertise, I'll do some quick research and see what I can do.

The content and everything'll be my decision, but yeah...just send me a sentence (and a ship if you have something in mind) and I'll make it into a page long fic.

Thanks y'all

Update - For the most part, I'm going in order as they're submitted. If I'm feeling particularly creative, I'll skip around to see what sounds fun. Powerpuff Girls stuff will always come easier to me, so keep that in mind. I'll probably be able to do those sooner. Also, I apologize in advance if what I come up with doesn't match what you had in mind.


:iconteacupballerina: AkuBloss - 1PSFalling back into her chair with a sigh, Blossom realized there was little she could do. Once Aku set his mind to something there were few forces in the universe capable of turning him off the idea. A soft blush colored her cheeks and her hand slid to cover the goofy smile working its way across her lips.
“Aku, are you sure?” Blossom asked, her voice just above a nervous whisper. Part of her worried someone might overhear them.
The young heroine squealed when the demon slid up between her legs, pressing his lips to her neck, his forked-tongue flicking across her hot skin. She giggled, jumping and throwing her hands down to her lap, stopping his claws before they could slide further up her skirt.
Aku chuckled, a hot, throaty gasp against her cheek, “Must you be so modest, Sweetpea?” His grin broadened when the air caught in her throat and she turned to glare at him.
“Aku...I told you not to-”
“Do you not long for Aku’s touch? Would you den

:iconyet-one-more-idiot: Ballet - 1PSBlossom liked to be alone, that was nothing new. What was new, at least for Bubbles, was where she went to be alone. It was perfectly normal for Blossom to want some privacy, but she never made it so...well private! If she was alone, Bubbles could always find her. Except, that is, when she vanished for about an hour every evening..
Well, not anymore!
Bubbles cocked her head, lips pursed and eyes narrowed, “A warehouse? But, this place hasn’t been used in years…” she mumbled, slipping inside as quietly as she could. No sooner had she stepped inside when she was greeted by the sweet sound of music.
Tiptoeing, careful not to make a peep, Bubbles slipped around the corner. When she saw her, she gasped, hands rushing to cover her mouth. Hurrying to hide the faintest shade of pink coloring her cheeks.
It was Blossom...but, somehow different. The way she moved, it was so different from how she was normally. The stiffness that came with leadership and the weight of resp

:iconbrickercupmasterx3: A-Hole - 1PSButtercup sighed and wondered: why couldn’t Brick just leave her alone? She’d just shoved the jerk-ass through a wall and already he was back at her, chomping at the bit, throwing a flurry of powerful punches that always seemed just a little too close. Close, she thought with a disappointed frown, but not even glancing.
If he really wanted to do this, he needed to try harder. She wasn’t going easy on the asshole. Especially after that last hit he landed on her sister. No, she was going to make him work for it!
Buttercup caught Brick’s fist and quickly brought her knee up, blocking a powerful blow from the Rowdyruff leader. She licked her lips, biting down on her tongue. She caught a glimpse of the sweat trickling down his face. Buttercup narrowed her eyes and threw her shoulder against Brick, shoving him backward again. He snorted and brushed his shirt off. It was slick with sweat and stuck to his chest. God, whatever routine he was up to at the gym, it was

:iconkorosukedoom149: Twilight - 1PSThe others had fallen.
That thought alone drove him on, even when he could scarcely see. The very idea that she, this child, had struck them down, sent him into a fury. His eyes hurt, his muscles screamed, his very blood burned with the wrath of the heavens itself.
Thor brought Mjolnir down with all his might, splitting the earth apart; another fissure to further devastate the once beautiful city. With a roar, so pained he spat blood from the force, he swung Mjolnir once more. An explosion rocked the street, thunder crashing and lightning tearing the structure apart, vaporizing any metal or stone that so much as dared to get near him.
“FELL BEAST!” He snarled, twirling his weapon and taking to the air. His eyes bulged and he roared again when she simply giggled, daring him to attack. The God of Thunder came down, as if like lightning itself, his hammer carrying the force to split the Earth in two. Her arm quickly changed, becoming a sword, and met his blow. The streaks of l

:iconsilentyeller: Perfect - 1PSFire and ice, and everything nice, those were the ingredients to creating the perfect little girl, Aku thought with a chuckle. His perfect little monster was currently pinned down with her favorite cousin, while his beautiful wife tickled the two of them to hysterics. He grinned when his wife glanced up at him and gave him a wink.
“Silly little heroines! You can’t beat the dreaded Tickle Monster!” Blossom declared, blowing a raspberry on their daughter’s tummy.
The little girl squealed, reaching out to her daddy, “Daddy! Save us! You’re our only hope!” she managed to stammer between adorable little giggles. Sassafras, their niece, was too overwhelmed with giggles to do much more than nod in agreement.
Aku puffed his chest out and pointed at Blossom, his booming voice booming a little louder, “Evil creature! Unhand my princess!”
“Never!” Blossom cried, squealing when Aku swept her into his arms. The two spun around before

:iconhikyu: Frozen - 1PSShe is so cold to me now... but I know the fires I set all those years ago still smolder somewhere in her depths... is it not I who lit her world on fire, who burned away her childish ignorance and mortal imperfections, who ignited her brilliance and set her free?!
Perhaps...perhaps that was where I was mistaken. Perhaps, even I, the great and immortal Aku, failed to understand just what it was I was disturbing. I failed to realize what she was, what she could become, even as I filled her ears with sweet, sinister whispers. Even as I proclaimed her greatness and promised her the world, I was blinded by my own lust for her to notice the signs. To see what truly lay within her heart, waiting to awaken.
She could have been the world’s greatest hero. Depending upon who you trust, who you choose to believe, she may still claim that title. But, heroine or villain, whatever she decides, that...that is out of my hands. My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my general crying out an

:iconfangmoon109: Goodbye - 1PSMax sat at the foot of her steps, fiddling with his thumbs, and for good reason: How does one say 'I'm going to have to leave behind three years of perfection?' The young goof groaned and held his head in his hands. This was harder than he thought it was going to be. He’d been sitting outside her house for nearly an hour now, completely petrified. How could he say goodbye?
He’d fawned over her, traveled across the country, lied and made miracles happen to impress her. Even after getting caught in his lie, even after nearly ruining both his chances with Roxanne and his relationship with his had worked out. Everything worked out, and they were happy. He was happy, she was happy.
It was perfect, why did it have to end? Just because they would be going away. Just because...well, maybe they wouldn’t see each other again. High school was over and now they were going in different directions. It was selfish, definitely selfish to even consider asking her to give up h
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I'm excited, but a bit nervous. Not so much about the interview, my contacts in the company have told me that, basically, getting to the interview means I'm hired. And knowing my friends, I doubt I could screw this up poorly enough to really not get the job. I'm more nervous about the job itself.

I just quit my previous job. I worked for the same company for four years, worked my way into management. I was proud of myself. I still am. But, something disappeared. Something went wrong and I got to the point I was terrified to go to work. For all intents and purposes, I was amazing at my job. I've had multiple people tell me that, without provocation. I just couldn't get the same joy out of work. I felt like, instead of working because I wanted to, I was working because I had to.

I was working because if I didn't, who would? If I failed, who would pick up the pieces? And the stress started getting to me...I ended up in the lowest place I've been in at least five, maybe six years. It was awful, and I felt like nothing would ever be right again. I still don't know how long I have to go to get back together, but I know I made the right choice: leaving. I'm disappointed in myself, and I know my co-workers are too, but I needed this. I needed, while I could, to restart my life and try a new path.

So, I have an interview tomorrow, for a completely new type of work. I'll be working from home, which is a plus! But the work itself...I'm sure I can handle it, but, being the type of person I am, I can't help worrying. What if I don't take to it like I did my old job? What if the stress is still too much to handle?

Whatever happens, this is what I've chosen and there's no going back. I'm officially gone from my previous job. This is the best way forward, so I'm going to face it head on.

And that scares me. But...I can't imagine anything being worse than where I came from. That's what I've thought with every job I've quit, and every job I've started. I'm moving forward in this weird grown up world I've ended up in. And I don't have to do it alone, I have awesome friends, an amazing best friend, and an incredible wife to support me. I even have a family now, one I'm proud of, one I'm not afraid of. And I know, in spite of all my faults and all our differences, they'll support me, even at my worst, and certainly at my best.

So here's hoping. Here's hoping this is the right choice. And if it wasn't, if I come crashing down again, at least I know there are people to fall back on, to keep me safe until I can pull myself together again.

That makes it all seem possible, and I can't thank you all enough for being there for me.

I'm sorry I'm a pain, but, I'll do whatever it takes to deserve your support, your kindness, and your love. That's one thing I still believe, one thing that keeps me going when I feel like I can't anymore.

Thanks again, I love you.
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If you haven't seen this anime yet, do yourself a favor and look it up. It's available on Netflix with both subs and a dub (which is actually pretty good.)

It's hilarious, has a great premise, and is just a delight the whole way through. My only complaint is that it ends on Episode 13. But, the cast is great, the plots are wonderful, it has a ton of shippy moments, and it's super reminiscent of AkuBloss with the two main characters.

Seriously, I binge-watched this today, do yourself a favor and check it out!
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Sorry I keep doing this, but IDK it gives me an excuse to play games when I have more important things to do.

I'm picking up with Chapter 4 this time, so hopefully it'll be more exciting.
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Since I can't stream The Evil Within, I'm playing Limbo on the PC instead. I'm terrible at it.
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Sorry I was terrible at the game, but I had a lot of fun and hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to do more streaming now that we have the Xbox One. It just makes it so easy. Also I need to beat this game, so if you tuned in this time, I'd be thrilled if you tuned in again next time <3
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Now streaming The Evil Within!

A survival horror game with tons of gore and me yelling at everything.

I'm terrible at it, but hopefully you'll enjoy!
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Link to Stream: (Status: Online!)

So Hailey knows more about this than I do, but I figured I would post here in the next few days to announce what we’re doing this Saturday.

We will be streaming, mostly Heroes of the Storm, for 12 hours starting on Saturday to help raise money for the Extra Life charity.

What is Extra Life? (Click for link to their site)

Basically, you play video games and raise donations that will go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of your choosing. 

What is Heroes of the Storm?

For anyone familiar with League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s official take on the ARTS/MOBA genre. At the moment, it’s a pretty exclusive alpha that both Hailey and I have managed to get into.

The games are very short (15-20 minutes on average) and filled with action from the very beginning. The heroes are all famous characters from the Blizzard franchises, and some wild cards thrown in for fun.

It’s a lot of fun, very exciting, and we’re absolutely terrible at it.

What Happens Next?

Well when we get tired of Heroes of the Storm, I’ll probably stream Alan Wake or Diablo 3 or something. With my less than optimal streaming set up, Hailey will probably be mostly interacting with people in the stream channel.

Please visit the stream for Hailey’s blurb and, if you would like, there is a link to make a donation.

Again, none of this money goes to us, it goes to Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas.

Feel free to bookmark the stream, message me if you have questions, and, if you want to participate, hit up Extra Life and see what’s up.

Now Streaming!

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I did five chapters in a week. What's wrong with me?

I'll tell you what's wrong, I care, dammit. I care too damn much.

I've been working on this story since August of 2009, and I'm finally seeing an end in sight to the second installment of four. Like, I don't know how to express how great that makes me feel. 308,716 words, 85 chapters, 6 years worth of effort. And the part that excites me the most, but also scares me the most, is that...this is basically the halfway point for Map of the Problematique as a whole. There are 22 more chapters left in Dreams of an Absolution, I'm envisioning 30, roughly, for Never Turn Back, around 15 for the mini-story "Adventures in Minioning" that will sort of introduce Never Turn Back, and I can't imagine more than 20 chapters in the final installment, which is tentatively called "My Destiny."

Like, damn. When I started writing Endless Possibilities, it was just as a gift, for a crack pairing. It was supposed to end at chapter 18, with Blossom and Aku simply coming to a truce and deciding to be frenemies. There was no illness, no Devil Blossom, no Demongo, no Chamberlain, no Great Old Ones, no Dexter, was simple and clean and sweet. It was supposed to be a feel good story about a little girl's first crush. Now, it's something so much more. Now the crack pairing is my One True Pairing. This ship has taken over my thoughts so much, I don't have other ships for Blossom anymore. It actually irritates me seeing her with anyone else. I can't describe it. Now it's a journey of self discovery, of love and betrayal, a big...adventure.

It's Blossom's journey from hero to villain, from citizen to sovereign, from little girl to goddess. And maybe, yeah maybe it's running too long. Maybe I don't need 150 chapters to tell the story, but it's not an easy transition. There are times, still to this moment, when I think that Dreams of an Absolution is ruining what I wanted Map of the Problematique to be. I'll readily admit, the early chapters were a lot of fluff and fanservice. I distinctly recall telling Taylor I was going to write a scene for every AkuBloss picture she's ever drawn.

But, when I feel my worst, I go back and read it and I just know it was worth it. It's been worth 57 chapters, it's worth another 22, to show just how far Blossom has to fall to become who she'll be in Never Turn Back. And its an even longer tale to show how she becomes who she'll be in the end. Not just a Goddess of Death, a villain, or queen, but a sister, a mother, a wife, someone who has all the power in the world and has still lost everything, and struggled against the will of the universe itself to finally find her true happy ending.

And I'm excited to be telling that story, I'm excited that everyone who is following along, new readers and old, are finally getting to see what I've envisioned for so long. I don't know, I just feel fulfilled in a way that I haven't in so long. Does that seem arrogant?

I don't know, but I won't apologize for it. I've finally found a spark that's been missing for about four years now, and I'm going to ride it until it's ash in my hands. I hope you'll all be there with me, either following along, or just reading this journal and knowing that I'm finally feeling okay.

And that', damn.
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